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Game Data
Soralee - LG female human paladin [Epametheus]
Harmony - NG female half-elf oracle [Dr. GOD]
Ziastar - CG male gnome summoner [Rysor]
Ariana - CG female gnome sorceress [Shandroa]
Morgan(a) - NG (fe)male human witch [Tundra]
Jake "The Apex" Highroad - LN male halfling rogue [Taxil]

Session 1 - The Magic Apple [ 04.25.10 ]
A magic apple that can cure any ailment grows near Oahhurst every year and goes up for sale, this year having been bought by William Watson Worthington, III, who is still lingering around town. Also, the town has been plagued by a rash of unnatural livestock deaths. The gnomes Ariana and Ziastar arrive seeking to get the apple for their mortally wounded chief; Jake Highroad arrives seeking the apple for monetary gain while Harmony arrives on personal business. Morgan arrives to help his/her cousin with the cattle deaths, but also decides to obtain the apple. Soralee has been present in Oakhurst for a couple weeks while trying to investigate the mysterious deaths (and failing spectacularly). Ariana, Ziastar, Morgan, and Jake learn that Worthington III has the magic apple and make bids for it; Jake and Ziastar, realizing that they have competition, each decide to steal the apple, which works out better for Jake than could be reasonably anticipated - he obtains the seeds and talks his way out of jail time, despite getting caught red-handed. That night, the cattle are attacked by thornlings and our travelers band together to fight the creatures. The next day, the travelers are asked to investigate the abandoned ruins that the goblins inhabit - a search party sent there by the townsfolk never returned. Now a party, our heroes go into the Sunless Citadel, get chewed on by rats, fall into pits, get stabbed by angered skeletons, and kill Meepo by accident.
PCs:Ariana (Shandroa), Harmony (Dr. GOD), Jake "The Apex" Highroad (Taxil), Morgan(a) (Tundra), Soralee (Epametheus), Ziastar (Rysor)
Major NPCs:Ashala, tiefling quartermaster; Bucklina Brimhandle, halfling cabin girl; Caramell Dansen, gnome candymaker; Stinky, stinky gnoll; Cornelia, resident villainess
Setting:Oakhurst, border of Nuallica
World Date:
Quote of the Week #1:"Flexicactus killed it? I was actually right?" - Morgan, investigating the cattle deaths caused by thornlings.
Quote of the Week #2:"I re-pied it!" - Soralee, concerning apple pie pie.
Quote of the Week #3:"I killed Meepo! Bwa ha ha ha!" - Ziastar
Additional Info:Apex's bad plan was bad, but Apex is also a lucky bastard. When dire rats aren't involved.

Session 2 - The Sunless Citadel, part 1 [5.02.10 ]
Continuing their trek through the Sunless Citadel, our heroes rescue the gnome cleric Urkie Timbers, who swiftly proves himself to be a gnome of skill and valor.  They proceed to defeat the goblin chieftains, stuff a number of white dragon whelps and goblins into barrels, slay some bugbears, crushes thoqqas, and cut down the evil druid spreading the twigblights.  They now prepare to sweep out the kobolds and finish securing the Sunless Citadel
PCs:Ariana (Shandroa), Harmony (Dr. GOD),
Jake "The Apex" Highroad (Taxil), Morgan(a) (Tundra), Soralee (Epametheus), Zayastor (Rysor)
Major NPCs:Urkie "The Dragonslayer" Timbers; hobgoblins chiefs Durnn and Balsag; evil druid Dellik
Setting: Sunless Citadel, border of Nuallica
World Date: 6/22/743 to 6/23/743
Quote of the Week #1:"Monsters go in barrels!" - Soralee, defining how the party takes prisoners
Quote of the Week #2:"You can't surrender until its your turn again!"  - Party rejecting the surrender of a goblin who took its attack and then tried to surrender.
Quote of the Week #3:"I surrender!"  - Goblin
"Dammit!"  Party - after the entire party missed that goblin
Quote of the Week #4:
"Um, we have a potion of resist potion" - Shandroa, going through the party inventory
XP: 5404 (party is level 2)
Additional Info: The party killed and/or captured 5 thoqqas, 3 white dragon whelps, about 6 bugbears, about 8 hobgoblins, and about 40 goblins.  They also received 400 bonus exp for saving Urkie, who is made of win.
Treasure: +1 Morningstar and +1 Cloak of Resistance to Morgan(a); +1 Heavy Steel Shield, Shatterspike, and Bracers of Forcewham to Soralee

Session 3 - The Sunless Citadel, part 2; Odd Hauntings [5.09.10 ]
The party triumphs at the Sunless Citadel, returns to Oakhurst, and gets the apple.  Jake reports back to his family while the rest of the party travels to Ariana and Zayastor's home and parts ways with Urkie Timbers.  The party reunites 3 months later at the Worthington estate, having for some reason accepted Worthington's invitation to come there.  They find that the patriarch had died and the accountants and scribes are now trying to update the family records, as the eldest living Worthington is always the First.  That night Jake is approached by the ghost of William Watson Worthington, -IV, who hopes the party can help him set things right.
PCs:Ariana (Shandroa), Harmony (Dr. GOD),
Jake "The Apex" Highroad (Taxil), Morgan(a) (Tundra), Soralee (Epametheus), Zayastor (Rysor)
Major NPCs:Urkie "The Dragonslayer" Timbers; William Watson Worthington, II, schmuck aristocrat; William Watson Worthington, -IV, very sad ghost
Setting: Sunless Citadel and Oakhurst, border of Nuallica; Worthington estate, Jerome
World Date: 6/23/743 to 7/03/743; 10/03/743 to 10/04/743
Quote of the Week #1:"He's not Lotus bad, come on!"  - Tundra, defending Morgan's social skills.
XP: 8280 (party is level 3)
Additional Info: Urkie's domains are Community and Protection.  And hijinks occurred.
Treasure: Money.

Session 4 - Worthington -IV [5.16.10 ]
The party convinces William Watson Worthington II to be possessed by William Watson Worthington -IV.  Worthington -IV leads the party to the capital city Teredit; Jake uses his contacts to determine the personal accountant for the Worthington estate has been engaged in shady dealings.  Worthington -IV and the party go to the Goldleaf estate to investigate; Worthington runs interference while the party searches the house; they ultimately find a shrine to the God-Fiend Asmodeus past magical wards in the basement, which is also set up for trafficking slaves.  The party confronts the cultists and puts them down.  Having settled this matter, the party is commissioned by the Kingdom of Jerome to support and establish a frontier settlement, and to investigate recent issues at the mining town of Vordeaux.
PCs:Ariana (Shandroa), Harmony (Dr. GOD),
Jake "The Apex" Highroad (Taxil), Morgan(a) (Tundra), Soralee (Epametheus), Zayastor (Rysor)
Major NPCs:Mr. Goldleaf, servant of Asmodeus; William Watson Worthington, II, schmuck aristocrat; William Watson Worthington, -IV, outraged ghost
Setting:  Worthington estate, Jerome; Teredit, Jerome
World Date: 10/04/743 to 10/05/743
Quote of the Week #1:"There's no rivers so they don't have to worry about satanic invaders."
Quote of the Week #2:
"I have to change everything you put in [your food] at the molecular level-"
"-and without destroying the Atlanteans!" - Dr. GOD & Tundra, concerning Soralee's guardian angel
Quote of the Week #3:
"I'm Jake Highroad, and I'm here to look at your books."  - Jake explaining to the satanist slavers that he's the heir of a mafia family and he's investigating them.  They were not pleased.
XP: -
Additional Info: Morgan's fashion sense is...special.

Session 5 - Vordeaux [5.16.10 & 5.23.10 ]
At Vordeaux, the party learns that a group of 500 people from the druid kingdom have arrived to protest Jerome's operation of a strip mine, said mine having been acquired from the dwarves.  The party learns that the dwarves had unleashed a great evil at the mine hundreds of years ago, but the evil may still be there.  The party also learns that miners had recently disappeared and the town had suspended operations.  Then learning that there was a druid task force present to fill and seal the mine, the party approached the druids and asked to be allowed to investigate for the miners.  The druids consent.  In the depths of the mine, the party finds a great cavern filled from one end to the other with graves.  After triumphing over the inevitable assault of angered dead, they investigate one end of the cavern to find a chamber sealing a great evil.  When they investigate the other end of the cavern, their living breath awakens and unleashes a small host of weakened, undead demons.  The demons attempt to reach and open the door; the party holds the line until a shadow demon simply phases through them to open it.  Inside the chamber, the party find dwarven cultists of Orcus doing battle with a quartet of "vegetarian" mindflayer druids.  The party and the surviving druids drive back the cultists and put down the remaining demons.  The party learns that a balor-lich was sealed away here, and a number of other undead demons are also imprisoned in this areas.  The party leaves and the druids re-seal the mine.  The party brokers an arrangement where a senior druid will stay with the mining town to "guide" the miners while monitoring the sealed evil here.
PCs:Ariana (Shandroa), Harmony (Dr. GOD),
Jake "The Apex" Highroad (Taxil), Morgan(a) (Tundra), Soralee (Epametheus), Zayastor (Rysor)
Major NPCs:Administrator Beryn; Elf chick; Elf chick's leader
Setting: Vordeaux , Jerome
World Date: 10/12/743 to 10/15/743
Quote of the Week #1:"The dwarves.."
"You mean druids?"
"Yeah....Anyways, the dwarves-"
"You mean miners?"
"Dammit!" - DM and group
XP: 12,813
Additional Info: Fighting undead demons hurts.

Session 6 - Murder! [5.23.10 ]
Annavalis the magical singer comes to Vordeaux for her last performance.  After the party thwarts her efforts to fake her death, they learn that she has an insane, murderous stalker that she's trying to escape from.  It turns out to be her brother.  He gets handled.
PCs:Ariana (Shandroa), Harmony (Dr. GOD),
Jake "The Apex" Highroad (Taxil), Morgan(a) (Tundra), Soralee (Epametheus), Zayastor (Rysor)
Major NPCs:Annavalis, idol singer; Annavalis' crazy brother; Gineas Goldfoot, gnome noble; Dinae Oakleaf, apprentice bard; Gnomnan the Barbarian, gnome barbarian
Setting: Vordeaux , Jerome
World Date: 10/19/743 to 10/21/743
Quote of the Week #1:"His gnome is..." - Tundra
"He names that part?"  Shandroa, concerning Gineas
Quote of the Week # 2:
"You're ruining everything!"  - Annavalis
"GOOD!"  - Ariana
Quote of the Week # 3:
"Unconscious would make her stop!" - Ariana, on how to deal with hysterical idol singers.
Quote of the Week #4:
"[Heal] wouldn't cure Stephen Hastings."  - Anonymous.  [If you're name is actually Stephen Hastings, we aren't talking about you.]
XP: 13,063
Additional Info: