5e UltraLite: Slayers

5e UltraLite: Slayers
DM(s) neobolts
System 5e UltraLite

A one-shot using the anime Slayers as the setting.



A group of adventures headed to the city of Durag in Seyruun, hoping to visit the Opulent Temple which is known for its famous pies and other baked foods. When they discover from the temple leaders Brother Bershitt and Brother Ohcrep that the someone has "released the seals" and that the lower levels are overrun by undead, the party leaves. This is because Princess Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun has decreed that "Safety is Justice" and that adventures must be in parties of six or more and can only help out after taking a safety seminar put on by the city. Reluctant to do the potentially tedious seminar, the party heads to Tave's Tavern to eat ridiculous amounts of food. They are interrupted by another request for help by Coach Lovedeuce with the Durag Tennis Club. The party heads to the tennis club, but along the way makes an enemy of Carpo the Fishman's street b-ball crew. They arrive at the tennis club, and discover the court is huanted by the angry spirits of past tennis champions. When they begin to suspend that the spirits have been angered by cheating, Coach Lovedeuce and his tennis team attack the party. Using spells such as Flare Arrow and Digger Bolt, the party dispatches the attackers. They finally decide to get their safety training, which consists of Justice Pope being given a safety monitor sash as a handheld stopsign reading "unsafe". The idea is that upon hearing an unsafe plan, the sign is held up to create safety awareness, because when it comes to safety "awareness is good enough." They head back to the Opulent Temple, and discover that this is in fact the Poplio Temple, and that the "seals" that were released were performing circus seals. Evie and Lizardo decide to leave, and when Justice Pope notes that they have fallen below the required six members for adventuring, they heroes again leave the temple without helping.