D20 UltraLite: Zombies

D20 UltraLite: Zombies
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DM(s) neobolts
System d20 UltraLite

A group of ordinary people is drawn to a meeting by a mysterious letter. When their host fails to arrive, they find themselves imprisoned by government forces and locked away in a top secret facility without explanation. Over time, meal trays stop arriving and the lights go out and the electronic jail cells unlock. The ragtag group finds the outside world overrun with zombies. After weeks of trying simply to survive in the zombie apocalypse, the party notes that the zombies are drones working to build an extra-dimensional portal. The plague ravaging our world is magical, and a necromancer from beyond the portal is gathering our superior weapons to wage war on his homeworld. Some of the party members are immune to the magic, and thus a threat to the necromancer. The party takes down Pit Dawg at a waterpark and seals the portal locking the nercomancer away on the other side, allowing the slow process of reclaiming the Earth to begin.

The Letter

My name is Dr. Domecheck. I am writing to you because I have important information about your health I want to share with you. It is vital that I meet with you, quietly. Do not try to contact me. Come to the Bojangles at exit 132 in Birmingham AL on Saturday June 28th at noon. Wear something yellow. I will wear a flower on my lapel. The world is counting on you.


Major NPCs

Zombie Hierarchy

Circle, Circle+, Petal, Petal+, Triangle, Square, Pentagon, Necromancer

House Rules

This campaign used d20 UL, an extensively houseruled version of d20 Modern.