Lord Action

Lord Action
Campaign(s) Twin Worlds After
Race/Sex/Class Human M Warlord
Homeland Starsign, Rey
Affliliation(s) SOLDIER, SQUADRON division

Leader of SQUADRON, the division of SOLDIER based on Parasonnea. Lord Action holds a title of nobility and a sizable land holding in Rey. He is experienced in both small squad tactics as well as ship-to-ship naval sorties. His gunblade, the BusterMusket, is an instantly recognizable weapon. Lord Action is said to be very handsome.

Omega Bear Conflict

Upon King Bearius' death, Bearius invoked the family curse, awakening the Omega Bear progenitor, Bear'thosk'alys. Erica "Stryfe" Runestar received a field promotion from Lord Action to SOLDIER Elite, achieving captain rank. She ordered the unleashing of the Mako Reactor, freeing the Torrasque to fight an unending stalemated battle with Bear'thosk'alys.

Red Hand Army Engagements

Lord Action assisted in the repelling of a massive attack on Nature's Gate by the Red Hand Army. He also was a general at the Reclaiming of Runestar Crossing and the Battle of Greenmaw.