Twin Worlds Primer

This article presents an overview of the Twin Worlds setting as of DY25, the start of the Twin Worlds Restoration campaign.

The Two Worlds

The Twin Worlds are named Parasonnea and Asteria. Each appears as a "moon" in the other world's sky. Parasonnea's skies are green, while Asteria's are blue. Travel between the worlds is uncommon, but can be accomplished via airship or secret portals.

The Southlands

The Southlands of Parasonnea are the primary setting for adventures within the Twin Worlds.

The lands of Parasonnea are home to humans, dragons, elves, dwarves, dragonborn, and many other races. Arcane magic is studied and a code of honorable combat has been followed at times.
The Twin Worlds have endured many wars. In recent memory, the Quan'thosk'alys Wars of 25 years ago brought widespread devastation in the form of corrupting ichor. Large portions of the Southlands were lost to the ichor. Most of the primary fighting on the world took place in the Southlands. After the war, the destroyed areas were replaced by vast primeval forests thanks to the Stars of Destiny.
A second war only 5 years ago, the War of the Shards, took place on the Southlands. Although not as cataclysmic, that war caused many casualties as well. The people of the Southlands are weary of war, but political tensions are high as the various nations extend out their borders.
One of the key features of the Southlands is the Great Caravan Way, also known as the Ancient Caravan Way. The Great Caravan Way starts in Cyan Gyantto in Gellian and spans the continent all the way to Gloecoast in the Dwarven Alliance. Pilgrims and traders rely on the road being open. (In brief, the road travels from Cyan Gyantto heading west to the cities of Pale Gyantto, Cantrylia, Nature's Gate, Runestar Crossing, Newgrowth Keep, Tenpen, Krylain, and Gloecoast.)

The nations of the Southlands.

Nations of the Southlands

The Dwarven Alliance
Mountain Kingdoms Steeped in Tradition

Land of The Slavemasters

Rallying Cry of the Clans

The Welcoming Gates of the Hellbaron

The Runestar League
Where Simple and Honest Folk Make Their Stand

Where the High Elves Seek Seclusion

Land of Wicked Serpentfolk

A Rising Nation Rife with Corruption

A Proud History of Noble Heroes

A Monarchy Restored

Centuries of Druidic Custom

Beyond the Southlands

The nations of the Ringed Sea.

Eastern Parasonnea is made of a five land masses surrounding the Ringed Sea. In addtion to the Southlands, the other continents are the Colonies, Corlea, Pariveda, and Makani's Islands.
25 years ago, Makani's Islands and most of what is now the Colonies were completely decimated by the ichor of the Quan'thosk'alys Wars.

The Colonies



Makani's Islands

Makani's Islands were abandoned after the Quan'thosk'alys Wars. The smallest of the four islands, Gerfeldersnatch, was once the homeland of the gnomes. Their new settlement in the Southlands, Gerfelderpost, is part of the Runestar League.

Beyond the Ringed Sea Region

Western Parasonnea


Parasonnea-full-twr.png Asteria-full-twr.png

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Major Races




Dragons* and Dragonborn




Half-elves, Aasimar, and Tieflings

Orcs* and Half-orcs


(*not a playable race)


Faith is a major part of life on the Twin Worlds. While most people will say a small prayer to whichever deity is appropriate to a situation, the common practice is for a individual or household to adopt a primary deity that they venerate above all others.

Prominent Deities
Deity Alignment Domains Symbol
Valos, Goddess of Valor LG Life, War Valkyrie
Lightshroud, God of Noble Sacrifice LG Light, War The Kingsbrand (a holy sword)
Aurora, Goddess of the Arts and of Charm NG Knowledge, Trickery Laurel and Crystal Lyre
Taxil the Eternal, God of Time NG Arcana, Life The Atma Weapon (a sword with a blade of light)
Sospitas, Goddess of Health and Fertility CG Life, Nature Healing Hand
Diostarma, God of Freedom and the Moon CG Light Scimitar
Arcanus, God of Arcane Magic N Arcana, Knowledge Wizard's Staff
The Phoenix Empress, Goddess of the Elements N Tempest Black Stone Inscribed with the Symbol for Wisdom
Karactas, God of Tyranny LE War Throne
The Golden Lioness, Goddess of the Hunt LE War, Nature Lioness
Skull of Ashes, God of Undeath NE Death Burning Skull
Sadie, Goddess of Sadism NE Trickery Spiked Flail
Vina, Goddess of Terror and Dischord CE Death, War Hand with Clawed Nails
Other Deities
Pax Deos, LG God of Peace • Bahamut, LG God of Metallic Dragons • Ai-Sama, NG God of Romantic Love • The Mistress of Lips, NG Demigoddess of Lust • Rael, NG Goddess of the Harvest • Aestar, CG God of Travels • Oshejra, CG Demigoddess of Sacred Flame • Pariveda, LN Deity of Truth • Uminati, LN God of Order • Daivatas Vestigen, LN God of Destiny • Seracia, N Goddess of Mortals' Passage • Rose & Thorn, CN Deities of Deception • Qorzaq, CN God of Anarchy • Dyce, CN Goddess of Luck • The Blood Queen, LE Goddess of Purge and the Sun • Trevail, NE God of Misery • Xerces, CE God of Destruction • Rodesa, CE Goddess of Unending War
Elementitans (Fallen Gods)
Wailele, Titan of the Waters • Makani, Titan of the Winds • Mal-Tieros, Titan of the Soil • Pyros Tou, Titan of the Flames


Religious Organizations

On Parasonnea, many of the gods of the Twin Worlds choose from among their followers two individuals to serve as pillars of their faith. A High Priest or Priestess is the spiritual leader of their faith, while the Champion of a faith strives to bring glory through their deeds. Some faiths have orders within the faith that carry out specific tasks.

Other Organizations

Famous People



The Twin Worlds Calendar contains 13 months with 28 days each, for a total of 364 days in a year. The climate zones and seasons are the result of divine creation, not planetary rotation, and winters are long on the Twin Worlds. Each deity has a High Holy Day on which there is a worldwide effect. Some of the effects are quite dramatic and have a major impact on the lives of mortals.

Season Months Selected High Holy Days
Spring 1-3: Tenpen, Nesis, Senegral 1/10 Sospitas - Higher Fertility Rates occur. A Fertility Festival is held in Nature's Gate in the Southlands.
3/3 Xerces - At midnight, the Torrasque appears and rampages for 24 hours or until defeated.
Summer 4-6: Cullis, Aolinfyt, Tel 4/22 Qorzaq - A single random but notable effect covers the entire world.
Autumn 7-9: Elventide, Tealgoblet, Rosewater 7/1 Rael - Giant metal golems descend from the heavens to help tend the fields of the faithful.
8/2 Aestar - On this day, angels in the guise of travelers are known to stay at inns. If treated well, they bless the innkeeper with good fortune for the next year. Traditionally, inns worldwide are free on this day.
Winter 10-13: Marakeel, Nokcotta, Aertier, Franfaust 13/28 Taxil the Eternal - On this day, Taxil shows up and personally makes a difference in a random person's life.

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