Star Wars: Cthulhu
Session Data
001 - ThE sleEpeR hAs aWoKen. [10.06.06]
Summary: On the day immediately following the elimination of the Jedi Order for their betrayal of the Supreme Chancellor, trandoshan smuggler Ryshtok, his wookie slave Gronk, and a pilot named Sam Aolon find themselves drawn to an abandoned school building by a child in a red dress with no eyes. Inside they hear unnatural sounds and take a list of high profile children's names. They are tormented by appearances of the child. Gronk's troubling visions of wookie shaman, the jedi high temple and three pairs of red eyes continue, as he bagins to manifest latent force powers. The group plots escape from the oppressive martial law declared on Corusant.
DM: Xarren
PCs: Sam Aolon(Epametheus), Ryshtok(Rysor, Gronkyyyth(neobolts)
Major NPCs: The child with no eyes in the red dress, 3 pairs of red eyes
Setting: Corusant
Quote of the Week: n/a
XP: ? (Total 0)
Additional Info: n/a

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