House Rules
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The current house rules in effect:
1. Drow is not a playable race.

2. The expertise feats do not exist. PCs will receive +1 to hit with all powers at L5, increasing to +2 at 15 and +3 at 25.

3. At L5, PCs also recieve a +1 bonus to Fortitude, Reflex, and Will defenses, increasing to +2 at L15 and +3 at L25. The Feats Paragon Defenses, Epic Defenses, Epic Fortitude, Epic Reflexes, and Epic Will do not exist.

4. Bonus Ritual Casting - once per day, a ritual caster can waive the cost to perform a ritual with a key skill that the caster is trained in. Rituals with special costs (enchant item, raise dead) are exempt from this.

5. By player request, Goliaths can't swim.

6. Dragonmark feats are allowed. Dragonshard items are not.

7. Reinchanting magic items: I actually want to encourage this, as it results in less treasure going to waste. And by the book I don't think you can technically do this.

a) To change to an higher level enchantment, pay the difference between the higher level enchant and the current level. For example, taking a L10 item (5,000 gold value) to L11 (9,000 gold value) costs 4,000 gold.

b) I'm fine with handwaving armors becoming better materials as they're upgraded. When you modify the enchant on an armor, you may modify the base material of the armor at no extra cost. This will matter more with L16+ (+4 or higher) gear, but still applies for L11 armor. For example, +2 leather that becomes +3 leather can automatically become Drowmesh (+2 to AC, +1 reflex); when the Drowmesh reaches +4, it can become Snakeskin (+2 AC, +2 Reflex) or Feyleather (+3) AC. You can choose to have armor be of lower-grade materials, of course. If you want a flavor reason for this mechanic, I'm going the magic fundamentally altering previously mundane materials, rather than the completely arbitrary stuff WotC came up with to explain the special materials.

c) Changing an enchantment to an even level enchantment or lower is based on the level range of the target enchant. Any calculations for upgrading (or disenchanting) will be based on the new item level, so there is a penalty in the long run for downgrading an enchant.
Level Range Cost
1-5 80g
6-10 400g
11-15 2000g
16-20 10k
21-25 50k
26-30 250k

Yes, it's 50% of what it takes to raise an item level within each bracket. So, for example, taking Kyrin's +3 Axe (a L11 enchant) and making it a different L11 enchant (as these now exist, but are often very weapon type specific) would cost 2,000 gold, while making it a +2 Rending weapon (a L9 enchant) would cost 400 gold (but it'll also cost like 4,800 gold to bring back up to +3 later)