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Tanya Larouch, former Champion of the Ageless One, agent of Taxil the Eternal (Human F Wizard) [Taxil]
Avaryn Patheos, King of Bloodmoon, Prince of Tear, Prince of Hell, Hellbaron of Aretas, Lord of Castle Patheos (Tiefling M Warlock) [Rysor]
Captain Erica "Stryfe" Runestar, SOLDIER Elite (Human F Fighter/Warlord) [Dr. GOD]
Knight-Crusader Sal Xerrenian, Champion of Lightshroud (Silver Dragonborn M Paladin) [Epametheus]
Sparrow Darkmoon (Shifter F Shaman) [Xarren]
Cpl. Nezurann Truescale, SOLDIER Elite (Black Dragonborn M Warlord/Ranger) [neobolts]
Magdalene "Maggie" Runestar, the Viridian Gauntlet, Champion of Sospitas (Human F Cleric/Wizard) [neobolts]
Mister Zindar, Champion of Karactas (Tiefling M Paladin/Warlord) [neobolts]

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Runestar Crossing RegionXai'joll Region
Nature's Gate RegionXai'joll Region (Feywild)

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