Government: Theocracy
Capital: The Fortified
Ruler: High Cleric Yorix Bloodstone (Dwarven Male, Ftr2/Cleric10, LN)
Regional Benefit: If favorable, ignore one level as a cleric when determining multiclass XP penalties.

The kingdom of Barsiege exists under the harsh church law of the High Temple of Uminati. High Cleric Yorix Bloodstone joined the clergy 2 centuries when he was the Duke of Truestone, second son of the King of Perelix. Strong in the faith, Yorix was later choosen by the high council to be the High Cleric of Uminati, ruler of the kingdom of Barsiege. Now, with the disappearance of his elder brother, Gratthal, Yorix has the unwanted task of ruling both Perelix and Barsiege. Feeling far closer to his self-won religious stature than the hereditary crown he never expected to receive, Yorix stays in The Fortified.

The Fortified
The High Temple of Uminati and the city that surrounds it sit upon the highest mountain in Barsiege. The cityis surrounded by 5 massive walls, each with a single gate. As a traveller approaches The Fortified, they work thier way up the mountain's spiral path, passing though a gate at every quarter-circle.

The Crystal Forest
Although rumors circulate that this forest is made of valuable crystals and gems, it is in fact made up of mundane glass. The forest itself, its creatures, plants, soil, and everything else their was transformed into glass by a mysterious force over a century ago. The forest is exceptionally dangerous, as a simple blade of grass could cut a person open. A number of strange (and sometimes sentient) creatures unique to the forest actually thrive in this environment. Many theories abound as to what created the forest; the most widely accepted theory among scholars is that the area temporarily overlapped with some sort of elemental plane.

Dragon's Tooth
The mountain called Dragon's Tooth is best avoided, for it is home to the powerful red dragon known and Red Maw.

This southern port is the second largest city in Barsiege. Ships from here used to set sail for Westwaters, Makaril, and Coastal City, but the presence of pirates has made sailing the waters south of the Southlands very dangerous.