Government: Theocracy
Capital: High Temple of Dyce, Coastal City
Ruler: High Cleric Justinian Delveday (Human Male, Clc13/Rog2, CN)
Regional Benefit: If favorable, ignore one level as a rogue when determining multiclass XP penalties.

The holy kingdom of Dyce is run by the High Temple of Dyce and is a gambling mecha run by the Tynian Merchant Council. The council is a consortium of local merchant led by Jordanne Sebastian, head of the Sebastian Jahoel. High Cleric Justinian Delveday and Jordanne Sebastian have been romantically linked. The heroes of Justinian and Jordanne are a pair of Gemimi Enforcer brothers named Jaxx and Torrens Sureblade.

Coastal City is said to be home to the home base of the Rogues of the Thorn Whip, a powerful rogues guild that worships Rose & Thorn, athough they have no true ties to the organized church.

Dyce hosts a major southern port, which lays useless in the face of large scale pirate activity.