Government: unknown
Capital: Effress
Ruler: unknown
Regional Benefit: Listen and Move Silently are class skill.

The high elven kingdom of Ephasia would prefer to keep to itself. Although they are xenophobic, they are also rational; as the only safe route through the Orc-lands, the elves permit heavy traffic to flow along the Great Caravan Way. The elves do not take kindly to orcs whom attempt to cross north-south through the Ergas Forest as well as travellers whom stray from the Way. The elves of Ephasia are often referred as "The Unseen" and the orcs refer to their kingdom as the Deathtrap Forest. The Great Caravan Way wraps down under the most populous areas of Ephasia and passes through the City of Nature's Gate, a human city permitted by Ephasia for purposes of trade. Nature's Gate is home of the famous fertility festival, a annual event on the holy day of Sospitas. The elves of Ephasia are plentiful in Nature's Gate on this day.