Government: Monarchy
Capital: Ilianvox
Ruler: Queen Lightshroud (Human Female, Pal 6/Aristocrat 5, LG)
Regional Benefit: special

Surpassed in might only by its close ally Mothergreen (a debatable statement), Gellian is a land of honorable knights and paladins, brave heroes, and simple peasants with valiant hearts. Gellian wages a stalemate war with the orcs to their west, and keeps a vigilant watch to protect against their Yuan-ti neighbor.

The people of Vigilance strive to live up to the region's name. Always at the ready, they are trained to do battle with the Yuan-ti and stave off their raids.
Regional Benefit: +1 hit, +1 damage, +1 AC vs Yuan-ti.

The massive city of Cantryl is home to the high temple of Rael. The city is filled wit followers of Rael, is addition to being a major stop of the Great Caravan Way.
Regional Benefit: Knowledge(Nature) is a class skill. +5 regional bonus to all Knowledge(Nature) checks.

The region closest to the Orc-lands remains in a perpetual state of war. Their are two notable cities in the Farlines. Lastwest is a border town near Ephasia and is the last stop west on the Great Caravan Way before entering the inhospitable Ergas Forest. The local ruler, Count Byyrus, is known for giving long-winded speeches. Mordayv is a mining town on the northernwestern end of the Rey Mountains. It is home to the headquarters of both the Xox and Treva Jahoels.
Regional Benefit: If favorable, ignore one level as a fighter when determining multiclass XP penalties.

Leiden is the region surrounding the capital city of Ilianvox. A strong tradition of lance-fighting prevails in this region. It is from Leiden that Queen Lightshroud rules the land. Like much of western Gellian, the people here take a special interest in the nobility.
Knowledge(Nobility) is a class skill. Weapon Proficiency: Lance. +1 hit, +1 damage with a lance.

The easternmost region of Gellian is home to a hearty, if at times xenophobic, group of humans and elves. Wild Rangers are common in this region. The interest in the nobility extends to this region.
Knowledge(Nobility) is a class skill. Bonus Language: Elven

Plains of Gellian
These farmlands are the heartland of Gellian, the crops grown here are considered the finest in the Southlands. Rael is held in high regard here.
Knowledge(Nobility) is a class skill and Profession(Farmer) is a class skill. +5 regional bonus to all Profession(Farmer) checks.