Government: Aristocracy
Capital: Neslain
Ruler: Lords of Lanil (LE)
Regional Benefit: Bluff & Sense Motive are a class skills. +5 regional bonus to Sense Motive vs non-Lanil persons.

The kingdom of Lanil is always seeing tense relations with the other kingdoms. Lanil is an important nation that controls part of the Great Caravan Way, plays as active part in the cultural renaissance, and whose leaders have blood-ties with many prominant families. As a result, the country's nobility and heroes are treated with the same respect as nobility and heroes of other cultured nations, and Lanil's many indiscretions go overlooked. Ruled by the Lords of Lanil, the powerful landowning aristocrats, Lanil is a kingdom riddled with crime and corruption. Slavery is legal in Lanil, and slaves are kept for all manor of purposes. A hero from Lanil is likely to have a slave attendant travelling with him. Sometimes, nobles in Lanil have Slave-heroes who will fight to the death for them. Athough no other civilized nation allows slavery, they will recognize and enforce the slave laws of Lanil when Lanil's citizens Travel abroad. The people of Lanil are known for their self-serving motivations and deceptive negotiating practices.

The capital of Lanil is a large, yet drab and unremarkable city.

Kryl Forest
The Kryl Forest is home to a thriving secretive cult of evil necromancers with a zealous dedication to Zalekas, God of the Undead. They are not associated with the Lanil government in any way.