Government: Monarchy
Capital: Vandemax Castle
Ruler: King Vandemax the Imposing (Human Male, Ftr4/Bbn1/Aristocrat5, CG)
Regional Benefit: +1 to Base Attack Bonus. (this is not factored when determining # of attacks)

Close ally of Gellian, Mothergreen is the other half of the military powerhouses that guard against the orcs' eastern front. The powerful soldiers of Mothergreen are able to keep the armies of Verkoth the Immortal at bay. Mothergreen also plays an active part in promoting cultural exchange. Mothergreen is home to the finest private mercenaries in the Southlands, as well as some evil organizations that manage to go unnoticed due the the nation's massive size.

Vandemax Castle
This ancient city sits sits around a massive castle with tall towers reaching into the air. The exterior of Vandemax Castle is a major center of trade for the region. It is within this castle that King Vandemax the Imposing sits upon his mighty throne. No one doubts King Vandemax's genius, but he is often describe as unpredicatble and tempermental.

Starsign & Pol-Suni
This two cities located on Lake Wailele have always considered themselves rivals (no one seems to remember the reason why). Starsign is home to the High Temple of Wailele. The main building is a marble structure located about 100 yards away from the beach. A marble walkway leads visitors down to the beach, where the actually shrine is located. Each day, shrine maidens build a massive statue of Wailele out of the sands, and every evening the statue is washed away by the tide. This symbolizes Wailele's return to the seas and the restart of the cycles of nature.