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Government: Military Dictatorship
Capital: None
Rulers: 5 High Generals of the Orc-lands (Korgnok the Vicious, Rennik the Pious, Bloodteeth the Voracious, Gore-renn the Cannibal, Verkoth the Immortal)
Regional Benefit: +1 hit, +1 dmg, +1 crit. range with deity's favored weapon

The Orc-lands are a warring state under the control of five high generals, each of whom maintains one of the military fronts. The five generals are all considered to be highly religious, and the majority of each general's army follows that general's faith.
The closest thing to cities in the Orc-lands are the built-up areas surrounding the semipermenant camps of each general.
Because their kingdom is divided in half, bands of orcs will often force their way through Ephasia.

Korgnok the Vicious (Orc Male, Bbn15, CE)
Deity/Favored Weapon: Sadie/Spiked Flail
Korgnok the Vicious maintains a massive cavalry to hold the front against Gellian and northeastern Ephasia. He is one of the younger generals, and his nickname is derived from his love of torture.

Rennik the Pious (Orc Male, Clc5/Bbn2/Wretched2/Divine Champion4, NE)
Deity/Favored Weapon: Trevail/Spiked Gauntlet
Rennik the Pious leads his zealot army against the forces of Yuan-tir. Among the generals he is highly respected, and on occasion has held audience with other rulers.

Bloodteeth the Voracious (Orc Male, Bbn9/Ftr4/Rog2, CE)
Deity/Favored Weapon: Lodus/Greatsword
Bloodteeth the Voracious is a porty yet muscular orc with an insatiable desire for wine, women, and warfare. A reckless general whose quick thinking in battle and unconventional tactics have given him many victories on the battlefield. He is responcible for borders with the House of Marakeel in Sengra, northern Cultare, and northwestern Ephasia.

Gore-renn the Cannibal (Orc Male, Bbn14/Sor1, CE)
Deity/Favored Weapon: Xerces/Greataxe
Gore-renn the Cannibal feasts upon the living, taking great delight in devouring traitors and deserters among his ranks. Always at his side is a woman known simply as "Amanda" (Half-orc Female, Bard11/Ftr4, NE). Amanda is Gore-renn's lover, but more important his tactical advisor. It was her negotiations that forged an alliance with the ogres of the Aersod Delta. A true military genius, Amanda worships Lodus and shares her lover's taste for human and orc flesh. Gore-renn's troops are engaged against southeastern Cultare.

Verkoth the Immortal, Chosen of Karactas (Orc Male, Bbn20/Immortal[Variant I]10, NE)
Deity/Favored Weapon: Karactas/Heavy Mace
By far the best general by any measure of worth, the immortal Verkoth is the greatest evil at work in the Southlands. His army holds the powerful forces of Mothergreen at bay. Verkoth sometimes fights on the front lines, killing hundreds with his artifact weapon, Bloodspiller.

Bloodspiller (Artifact)
Bloodspiller is a massive obsidian mace covered with sharp spines and small blades. Damage by Bloodspiller can be considered blugeoning, piercing, or slashing.
  • Vorpal Unholy Wounding Heavy Mace +5
  • Kills (no save) anyone whom tries to wield it who does not worship Karactas.
  • Wielder can cast the following spells as a 20th-level cleric: Wind Walk at will, Etherial Jaunt 3/day, Slay Living 3/day, Unhallow 1/day, Blasphemy 1/day, Miracle 1/day.