Government: Monarchy
Capital: Axeskin
Ruler: King Yorix Bloodstone (Dwarven Male, Ftr2/Cleric10, LN)
Regional Benefit: Level 1 hit die is multiplied by 1.5; dwarves add 5d20 to their lifespan.

The people of Perelix tend to be more hearty and resilent that others, although the reason for this is unknown. Perhaps it is because of their constant battles with the giants that inhabit the nation's coastline.
After the mysterious disapearance of King Gratthal Bloodstone while on a hunting expedition, his younger brother, Yorix, took the throne, putting Yorix in the odd position of ruling both Perelix and Barsiege. Any suggestion that the countries could be merged has been met with fierce demonstrations of nationistic pride. As a result, Yorix tends to stay in The Fortified and rarely visits Perelix, leaving much of the country's leadership to Viceroy Brimgreave.

Seat of the Perelix throne and center of the greatest mithril mine on the continent, this flourshing city is home to the Grathalack, the greatest mithrilsmith to be found anywhere. The current Grathalack is an ancient hill dwarf named Wendle Dhurffore. He resides in the Halls of Graffnoffing, a building made almost entirely of darkwood and mithril.

As a druidic center of power for centuries, this city was built entirely of trees and plants grafted and grown together to form walls of buildings. Supposedly, buried in the center of the city is the fabled Truestone. a magical boulder that forces anyone who touches it to tell the truth to any druid they meet for a year and a day. Occasionally the city is subjected to raids by the Derro-dark who live in caves benaeath the city.

Unforgiving Reef
As one of the largest ship graveyards in the world, this area attracts many adventurers seeking the treasure of many ancient galleons. Many of the adventurers that limp forth from the reef complain that the water is unnaturally cold and tell tales of the phantom ships of the infamous Vlaxxon the Vicious.

The Sage's Mountain
A venerable and powerful loremaster who was once the source of the most obscure knowledge in all the lands, the wizard known simply as the Sage has now declared that all who seek his knowledge and his mountain will be met will an unpleasant welcome. No person has of yet attempted the climb.

The Great Tree
What was once a magnificent tree soaring thousands of feet into the air is now nothing more then a burnt husk. No leaves bloom on the branches and the once great monolith is now the home of the Gaigail, a clan of dwarves that believe that they can ressurrect the tree from within. Their numerous tunnels extend for miles throughout the tree's interior and they say that one day these tunnels will be able to feed life infusing chemicals to the tree, but most observers are highly skeptical of this plan.