Government: Monarchy
Capital: Makaril
Ruler: Aerios Flairwing (Winged Elf Male, Brd10, N)
Regional Benefit: If favorable, ignore one level as a bard when determining multiclass XP penalties.

Another major player in the cultural renaissance in the Southlands. This area was orginally dominated by goblinoids and gnolls, but over a century ago refugees from a great war is Corlea, the far northern continent, settled here. Equal portions of gnomes, humans, dwarves, halflings, and elves make up the kingdom citizenship. A small elite society of winged elves controls power in this kingdom. They revitaling the long-abandoned Floating City (aka Makaril Above) and organized the races against the orcs.

Makaril, the Capital of Rohko, is is fact two cities in one. Makaril Below is a thriving port town where the residences and the majority of the shops is Makaril are located. Makaril Above hosts the royal palace as well as the more upscale shops. The two cities are linked by a number of teleportation platforms that can be used for a small toll. Makaril Above rotates around Makaril Below, allowing the city sunlight.