Government: Aristocracy
Capital: Tenpen
Ruler: 13 Houses of Sengra
Regional Benefit: special

The 13 Houses of Sengra are the rulers of Sengra. Each house is run by the house matriarch, whom bears the title of Frau.
The 13 houses of Sengra are used to represent the 13 months of the year:
1-Tenpen 2-Nesis 3-Senegral 4-Cullis 5-Aolinfyt 6-Tel 7-Elventide 8-Tealgoblet 9-Rosewater 10-Marakeel 11-Nokcotta 12-Aertier 13-Franfaust

The Venerable Houses are located in the northern plains of Sengra. This area is characterized by large farms controlled by vassals to the houses, as well as many thriving towns. Knowing one's history is a matter of personal pride in this region. It is also expected that one learn the history of people they meet.
Regional Benefit: Knowledge(History) is a class skill. +5 regional bonus to all Knowledge(History) checks.

1 Tenpen
The matriarch of the House of Tenpen is one of the younger ones, due to the fact that her mother died young, leaving her to assume the role from her grandmother. Her youthful indiscretions annoy the other matriarchs. She is responcible for Tenpen becoming a center of fashion, and is reported to be having affairs with a number of designers.
Tenpen, and its capital city, are the center of culture in Sengra, and is always hoping to upstage Benden City. New music and fashion come pouring out of Tenpen. The city of Tenpen serves as the capital for all of Sengra.

3 Senegral
Despite its status as a Venerable House, the house of Senegral has seen better days. Recent generations have sqaundered the family fortune, leaving the current matriarch quite bitter.
The Lands of Senegral are as prosperous as ever, despite the mounting debts accumulated by its ruling family.

13 Franfaust
The House of Franfaust is among the oldest houses. The house matriarch, is the eldest of the human matriarchs.
The House of Franfaust has close blood ties and an excellent relationship with the royal family of Graul, despite the obvious differences. It was the House of Franfaust that spread the calendar created by the druid-scholars of Graul, which is now used in most of the world. Each of the 13 months in the Franfaust calendar is named for one of the houses.
The Lands of Franfaust are very productive farmlands. The southern part of Franfaust benefits from land trade between Krylain and Tenpen.

The druid house occupy the southern half of Sengra, with the exception of the coast.
The majority of the people in this region are nomadic herders. The Houses of this region are run by druids, and it is common for people to explore the ways of the druid.
Regional Benefit: If favorable, ignore one level as a druid when determining multiclass XP penalties.

4 Cullis
Of the 3 Druidic Houses, Cullis adheres closest to the druid lifestyle. The House of Cullis regulates almost every aspect of its nomad-peoples' lives, especially how the people interact with the land.

6 Tel
Although the Lands of Tel are mostly druidic nomads, there are regions where sustenance farming, and even commercial farming, occur. Unlike, Cullis, these practices are permitted with no restriction.

5 Aolinfyt
The most unique of the Druidic Houses, this human house is is a mountainous region with a 50% dwarf population. The people in this area herd mountain goats and sheep. Aolinfyt is a major exporter of wool. Slave-taking raids by Derro-dark are a constant threat.

The lands of the Forest Houses are characterized by both game rich forests and imposing mountains, although the majority of the population lies in the forest and foothills. The people of this region enjoy hunting and tracking.
Regional Benefit: Trailfollow ability. The Trailfollow ability works as the Track feat, and can be used once per day. If the character has 9 or less ranks in wilderness lore, treat them as if they had 10 for purposes of Trailfollow.

2 Nesis
The people of Nesis are a quiet people. The major income source for Nesis is the mining of precious metals.
The Monks of Diostarma have monestary in Nesis, just inside their border with Nokcotta.

12 Aertier
The people of Aertier are notoriously known as whiny and self-centered, and no one lives up to this description better than the matriarch of the House of Aertier.

Of all the groupings of the houses, this one is by far the loosest. The people of the 3 North Coast Houses share little more in common than a northern border. The people of this region are notorious for their doublespeak.
Regional Benefit: Innuendo is a class skill. +5 regional bonus to all Innuendo checks.

11 Nokcotta
The least populated and most secretive of the lands is Nokcotta. Alomst the entire population of Nokcotta is located in or around Nokcottaport. The matriarch of the House of Nokcotta rarely speaks, but when she does, it is always very profound.

8 Tealgoblet
The only house represented by a halfling matriarch is the House of Tealgoblet. The large Tealgoblet family is the most respected halfling family on the planet. The majority of the land's population is human, with the exception being the city of Loriale.

10 Marakeel
Although all the Houses fund the effort, it is the people of Marakeel whom hold Sengra's entire border with the Orc-lands. The land is made up primarily of military forts.

The two South Coast Houses havea love affair with the sea. Their lands are rich farmlands that are heavily irrigated due to the countless small tributaries that run from the southern plains.
Regional Benefit: Swimming is a class skill. Bonus Language: Aquan

9 Rosewater
The people of Rosewater have more is common with the neighboring kingdom of Rohko than they do with the other houses. Their ships sail daily across the waters to Makaril. The pervasiveness of Makaril culture and music in Westwaters has earned the small city the nickname "Little Makaril".

7 Elventide
The only elven house, the House of Elventide, is well respected. Its matrarch is well loved and highly respected. The elves of Elventide are famous for their incredible dancing. Many people visit the city of Seafoam just to see the beautiful beach dances performed there. The peaceful inhabitants of Elventide sometimes trade with the merfolk of Mersia.