Government: Monarchy
Capital: Gloecoast
Ruler: Queen Renda Wolfsbane I (Dwarven Female, Ftr3/Aristocrat3, NG)
Regional Benefit: +2 regional bonus to stonecutting; ability to use Deathwatch as an extraordinary ability 1/day as if cast by a cleric of their total level.

The dwarves of Thozan have prospered under the benevolent reign of Queen Renda Wolfsbane I. The dwarves of Thozan have a high respect for endeavors of the mind, for a stong mind builds a strong warrior. Honoring their war dead and a general love of stonework and a essential part of their daily lives.

"If you can't buy it in Gloecoast, you can't buy it." - Rindhyme Brindlebossom, Head of the Jahoel Brindlebossom
Gloecoast is the largest northern port, seat of the Thozan crown, western end of the Great Caravan Way, and the home to a diverse group of people that don't always get along. Most ships sailing north set out from this city. The city is walled on three sides and touches the sea on the fourth side. The Brindlebossom and Thunder-Voice Jahoels have their home offices here.
The city can be divided into 5 distinct districts:
  • The Royal District, the largest district, home to most dwarven residences and all government offices.
  • Little Whisperdawn, a small elven district that keeps to itself. The dwarven residents refer to it as "No-beard Town".
  • The Human's Quarter, home to most human residences, as well as the gnomes and halflings. The dwarven residents refer to it as "Small-beard Town".
  • The Affluence, the area of expensive villas owned by rich mercharts and members of the queen's court. Most of these building are fine temptations for the risk-seeking rogue, for they tend to have private guards on the premises.
  • The Waterfront District, home to warehouses and businesses.

    Located on (and in) a steep mountainside, Slopeforge is the largest gold mine in the Southlands, the mine itslef in jointly owned by all three dwarven nations thanks to an ancient treaty. A universal coinage for all three nations is minted deep within the mountain.

    The second largest city in Thozan is Keepward. Keepward is the captial of dawrven art and learning. The statues and sculptures created by the artisans of Keepward are unparalleled. Keepward is also home to a thriving mage school that places a special emphasis on alchemy.

    The Carved Valley
    A couple of days travel south of Keepward is the High Temple of Seracia. Seracia is a popular deity is Thozan, where death in battle in seen as the ultimate road to paradise. The High Temple is in the center of a terraced valley whose walls are intricately carved with dedications to thousands upon thousands of fallen dwarven warriors. The sight of the valley is absolutely breathtaking, and most dwarves make a pilgrimage here at least once in their lifetime.

    The Cliffs of Tranquility
    These ancient cliffs ovelooking the sea are said to a great site for meditation and mental growth. A number of monstaries are found here, although the area is developing into a tourist destination, with larger crowds coming every year. The legends about the cliffs have a sound basis, divination spells are cast at +1 caster level while at cliffside.