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Regional Benefit: +1 hit, +1 dmg versus other underdark races

The eight underdark kingdoms beneath the Southlands are collectively referred to by surface-dwellers as the Undersouth and are thought of as a single entity teeming with various unsavory races. The contact between the Undersouth and the surface kingdoms is essentially a handful of skirmishes. No Undersouth kingdom is recognized by the surface kingdoms, and vice-versa. The truth is, these eight kingdoms are vibrant nations engaged in conflict with one another.

Government: Fragmented Groups
Ruler: Savant Gressznyx Burninghair (Derro Male, Sor10/Awakened1, CE)
A result of interbreeding between humans and dwarves in the Aolinfyt region of Sengra, the Derro burden Aolinfyt and southwestern Lanil with their slave raids. The derro operate in small tribes that fight constantly with the duergar. The largest tribe is controlled by a psychotic savant named Gressznyx Burninghair, a vile monster who has violent irrational fits. Xerces is the only permitted deity in Gresszynx's tribe, and Gressznyx claims to recieve powerful visions from Xerces.

Drow of the Darkness
Government: Theocracy
Ruler: Weila Venomfangs (Drow Female, Clc8/Bbn2, NE)
The somewhat barbaric Drow of the Darkness are out of line with the more structured Drow of the Spider. Although the Blood Queen is the official religion, it is well-known that private worship of Lodus and Sadie is widespread. The Drow of the Darkness possess the secrets of more advanced poisons (DC 19) than the other drow kingdoms. The Drow of the Darkness get their name because they shun the surface far more than other drow. Penalties from Light Blindness are doubled for them. The favored class for male Drow of the Darkness is Barbarian.

Drow of the Haunting
Government: Theocracy
Ruler: Annina Necrofemme (Drow Female, Clc4/Wiz4, NE)
The Drow of the Haunting worship the Blood Queen, but also pay great respect to Zalenkas, God of the Undead. Annina Necrofemme has openly acknowleged what many long suspected...she is a cleric of Zalenkas. She openly encourages further exploration of necromancy. Because of this they are at war with the other drow. The favored class of male Drow of the Haunting is Wizard(Necromancer).

Drow of the Spider
Government: Theocracy
Ruler: Liddia Queensdisciple (Drow Female, Clc10/Sor2/Dis1, NE)
Of the drow kingdoms, the Drow of the Spider are the most traditional. At war with the other drow kingdoms, the Drow of the Spider unwaivering follow their leader, Liddia Queensdisciple. Her policies are very popular and her beauty is unsurpassed among all the drow. The Blood Queen is the only deity that the populace is permitted to worship.

Duergar Prime
Government: Dictatorship
Capital: Stonecave (directly beneath The Fortified)
Ruler: Rinsinje Grayscalp (Duergar Male, Clc6, LE)
The gray dwarves of Duergar Prime are waging an unending war with the Derro-dark. Mal-Tieros is the primary deity, and dictator-for-life Grayscalp is an aging cleric of Mal-Tieros.

Government: unknown
Capital: Mindshatter
Ruler: unknown (LE)
This mind flayer society is very prosperous. It is unclear who rules the society. The slaves(which outnumber the mind flayers 2 to 1) are represented as follows: 40% drow, 35% kuo-toa, 10% yuan-ti, 8% orc, 5% human, 2% other. The capital, Mindshatter, is the most spectacular city in the whole Undersouth. It is a surface-world style city built within a massive cavern with a two mile high ceiling. Mindshatter is located beneath the ocean floor southwest of Yuan-tir's eastern island.

Government: Theocracy
Ruler: Whip Blibplop (Kuo-Toa male, Clc6/Rog2, NE)
The kuo-toan society of Ploobloob is on the verge of collaspe. With a staggering number of losses resulting from confrontations with Illithatch, the Structure, and the Drow of the Spider, the populace's faith in the cleric of Trevail known as Blibplop is waining. In some areas, the Monitors of Karactas are leading the people in open rebellion.

The Structure
Government: Formian Hive
Capital: Hive-City
Ruler: The Queen (Formian Queen, LN)
Fortunantly for the surface-dwellers, these agressive outsiders have no contact with the surface. They rely on derro and kuo-toa as laborers. Beyond that, they are a standard formian hive. Their area of influence represents where one might encounter their scouts. The actual hive-city is a 50 mile radius area centered in their area of influence.