Government: Monarchy
Capital: Natyura
Ruler: Lyllin Spiritsong (Elven Male, Wiz7, NG)
Regional Benefit: special (see below)

The larger of the two elven kingdoms, portions of Whisperdawn are far more open and friendly than others.

Natyura, Inmahge, and the Primary Plains
The capital city of Natyura in the largest Elven city on the continent and a major center of trade. Inmahge is the second largest city in Whisperdawn and is home to the Nijen Fairwisp Mage's School, which encourages its members to become specialist wizards. Directly under Naytura's control are the massive Primary Plains.
Regional Benefit: If favorable, ignore one level as a wizard when determining multiclass XP penalties.

Forest of the Fey
True to its name, this forest is dominated by fairies, sprites, and dryads. Nymphs can also be encountered here. The residents are not always friendly to outsiders, but tend to welcome those who love and respect nature.
Regional Benefit: Bonus Languages: Elven and Sylvan

Centaur Plains
This sprawling plain is dominated by centaurs. Outsiders are not generally welcome here.
Regional Benefit: Wilderness Lore is a class skill. Characters from this region gain a +3 regional bonus to all Wilderness Lore checks.

Dawn Mountains, Ryhan Forest, Selph Forest
These are the more remote areas of Whisperdawn that are dominated by elven subraces. The Dawn Mts. are controlled by Wild Elves, the Selph Forest is controlled by Wood Elves, and the Ryhan Forest is sparsly populated by elves, humans, and halflings.
Regional Benefit: If favorable, ignore one level as a wild ranger when determining multiclass XP penalties.