Government: Thoecracy
Capital: Gren-nil
Ruler: Gressth-th (Yuan-ti Abomination Male, Clc15, CE)
Regional Benefit: Favored Enemy: Humans.

The residents of this Yuan-ti empire proclaim eternal loyalty to Vina, Goddess of Dischord. They perform raids against the orcs to gain bodies for sacrifice. Their number of live sacrifices their religious law requires is staggering.

The capital city of Gren-nil is composed of 5 spires. The central spire is the master temple of the Yuan-ti.

The military headquarters of Yuan-tir is Tera-clisp, and its leader, Zar-feth (Yuan-ti Abomination Male, Clc15, CE) is pushing for a shift from orcs to humans in the gathering of sacrifices. He funds the frequent raids into Gellian.

The only city run by a pureblood, Anatha-Krell (Yuan-ti Pureblood Female, Clc5/Rog10, CE), the city of Nere-Bl'd (a bastardization of "Near-Blood") is the center of espionage and intellegence in Yuan-tir.