Cloud's Character Sheet

Name:Cloud StrifeAge:18
Class:Fighter/SOLDIER/PsionWeight:150 lbs
Alignment:Chaotic GoodHair Color:Spikey Blonde
Sex:MaleEye Color:Faintly Glowing Blue
Level8/9/1 (18)XP:170348

Hp: 211 (147)
STR24 (18)(+7/+4)
DEX20 (14)(+5/+2)
CON20 (14)(+5/+2)
INT16 (12)(+3/+1)

Armor Class
Base: +10
Armor: +8
Enhancement: +2
Dex Mod: +3
Deflection: +4
Natural: +3
Other: +0
Total: +30
Base Attack Bonus: +17/+12/+7/+2Initiative Bonus: +9
Saving Throws:FortReflexWillpower
Ability+5 (+2)+5 (+2)-1
Total+19 (+16)+12(+9)|-12|
Name:Damage | Critical Range | Attack Bonus | Special
  • Buster Sword +2
2d6+1615-20 x2+26/+21/+16/+11Impact, Shocking Burst
  • MC Longbow +1 (STR +4)
1d8+519-20 x3+22/+17/+12/+7Shocking
  • Frost Sword +1
1d6+819-20 x2+25/+20/+15/+10+1d6 frost damage
  • Buster Sword
2d6+1415-20 x2+26/+21/+16/+11Adamantite
Number of Limits per day: 5
Cross Slash
Blade Beam
Clim Hazzard
Meteo Rain
Finishing Touch
Omni Slash
Cherry Blossom
Weapon Proficiency, Exotic: Buster Sword
Weapon Focus: Buster Sword
Improved Initiative (Initiative +4)
Power Attack
Weapon Specialization: Buster Sword
Combat Reflexes
Iron Will
Improved Critical: Buster Sword
More Limits!
Power Lunge
Limit Specialization: Omni Slash
Psionic Weapon
Skills:Roll = Rank + Stat Bonus+ Misc
Escape Artist (cc)+2+2+3-3
Spot (cc)+9+10-1+0
Language (Celestial)n/a------
Language (Draconic)n/a------
Knowledge (Politics)(cc)+3+2+1+0

-Belt of Giant Strength +6-Boots of Speed
-Bracers of Resistance +2-Wings of Flying
Crystal MaskGloves
-Crystal Mask of the Mind Armor-Gloves of Dexterity +6
-Headband of Intellect +4-Amulet of Health +6
-Ring of Deflection +4
-Ring of Enlarge
-Robe of Natural Armor +3
-Vest of False Life
Miscellaneous Magical Items
-Buster Sword +2: 2d6 DMG, 18-20 Crit Range, x2 Crit DMG, 25 lbs., Exotic, -1 to hit because it is awkward, large, and heavy.
-Frost Sword +1: 1d6, 19-20 Crit Range, x2 Crit DMG, +1d6 Frost DMG
-Shocking Mighty Composite Longbow +1 (STR +4), +1d6 Electrical DMG
-Mithral Full Plate +2 AC:+10 Check:-3
-10 Arrows +5
-Bag of Holding (Category 3)
-Scabbard of Keen Edge
-Bag of Tricks (rust)
-Horn of Goodness

Other Items

  • Gold:4458
  • Silver:94
  • Copper:36
  • Weapons permit: Nature's Gate
  • Light Rock
  • Map of Southlands, Parasonnea
  • Locator Gem
  • Playing Cards
  • Spy Glass
  • Potion of Cure Serious Wounds x4
  • Potion of Cure Minor Wounds x3
  • Potion of Haste lvl 5
  • Potion of Charisma
  • Potion of Non Detection
  • Anti Venom
  • Psi-stone Teleport x2
  • Psi-stone Displacement x3
  • Psi-stone Balefull Teleport x2
  • Psi-stone Quickened Body Adjustment x2
  • Crystal Capacitor 17 x2
  • Crystal Capacitor 9 x3

Bag of Holding

  • Clothing
  • 50 ft rope
  • Grappling Hook
  • SOLDIER Dress Uniform
  • Dynamite x5
  • Adamantite Buster Sword
HP: 20AC: 13
Hardness: 8Resolve

Level 0Level 1
-Elf Site
-My Light
-Feel Light

Cloud's Journal
Cloud's Childhood
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The Story of the Mercenary, Cloud Strife
Played by Tenkawa Akito

Personality-wise, Cloud Strife happens to be a bit lacking. With his abbrasive personality and equally hard hair, he's quite the noticable lad. But what he lacks in common table manners, he more than makes up with his ability to use his sword to the best of his and just about anybody's abilities. Cloud wields the awesome and mighty Buster Sword, the sword of choice for 1st Class SOLDIERs, and easily puts most swords to shame with his. Cloud was the first person to rise to the rank of 1st class in SOLDIER at the age of seventeen and is currently on a mission to kidnap Marie SilverRose and hand her over to his superiors.

Cloud's story begins three years ago, right after his fourteenth birthday. His small village had been attacked by a group of bandits, burning it to the ground. Cloud, wanting to protect his mother and sister from being killed by the scorching flames or by the bloodthirsty hands of the bandits, valiantly wielded a sword and fended them off. The villiage was destroyed, forcing Cloud and his family to flee to a nearby town. A few days later, Cloud was approached by a man who had helped in defending the town from the attackers and was invited to join the elite mercenary group, SOLDIER. Cloud accepted the offer, and went with the man to the SOLDIER headquarters to enlist.

Cloud trained for a year before being allowed to enter the ranks of SOLDIER. After his year's training was completed, Cloud was inducted as a 3rd Class SOLDIER. After a few successful missions, Cloud was hired on with a group to locate and capture a rogue mage for the local constibulary. The mage put up a fight and during the battle, Cloud was hit by a new version of the blind spell that the mage had been working on that was to be permanent. The mage was captured and turned over to the town's constable. Cloud was taken to the temple where the spell was dispelled. Unfortunately, one side effect of the spell was that Cloud's eyes were left with a faint glowing light to them.

The years passed and Cloud reached 1st Class at the age of seventeen. Normally, 1st Class was reached when people were in their mid twenties. Cloud was also given the weapon that most 1st Class SOLDIERs use, the Buster Sword. He quickly became accostumed to it. Cloud's first assigment was to locate and bring back an artifact for a king. Cloud found the relic, an old ruby, and gave it to the king. Nine months later, the king once again enlisted Cloud's services to locate and capture someone on the green moon...
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