Limit Specialization [SOLDIER]
  You are skilled at one type of limit.
  Prerequisite: 1 level of SOLDIER prestige class.
  Benefit: When choosing this feat, a specific Limit is named. The SOLDIER gains a +1 activation check with that limit and it may be used one extra time per day without counting against the daily maximum. The +1 bonus to the check is cumulative if this feat is taken more than once for the same limit, but the bonus activation per day is not. If taken for multiple limits, the extra use and activation bonus applies to each individually. (If Cloud takes this with Braver and Cherry Blossom, he gains +1 use of Braver and +1 use of Cherry Blossom each day without using up a daily Limit as well as a +1 on both activation checks).

More Limits! [SOLDIER]
  You can limit more times per day.
  Prerequisite: 1 level of SOLDIER prestige class.
  Benefit: This feat allows the SOLDIER to limit 1 more time per day than normally allowed by his class. It may be taken multiple times, and bonus activations stack.

Quick Sheathe [General]
  You are skilled at sheathing your weapon quickly.
  Benefit: You can sheathe your weapon as a free action.

Sheathe on the Defensive [General]
  You can sheathe your weapon safely during combat.
  Benefit: When you sheathe a weapon, you do not provoke attacks of oppurtunity.