Assassins' Poisons (various)
Type: Poison
Description: A set of poisons with a variety of effects. Typically designed to be more effective against Tieflings.

Boots of Another
Type: Boots, magical
Description: These two human-sized sets of boots allow the wearers to change places (via Teleport w/o Error) as long as the wearers are within 300 feet of each other, and simultaneously recite the activation word.

Buster Sword
Type: Exotic Large Melee Weapon (Slashing)
Dmg: 2d6     Crit: 18-20/x2     Weight: 20+ lbs
Description:This sword is the signiture weapon for the elite fighting force known as SOLDIER. Because of its limited use, Buster Swords typically have to be custom made. -1 to hit modifier. Req.: STR 17.

Type: Exotic Small Melee Weapon (Bludegoning/Piercing)
Dmg: 1d8     Crit: 20/x2     Weight: 5 lbs
Description: Lotus designed these gauntlets after leaving the monkhood. They are generally used by ex-monks to keep their unarmed attacks useful. Any monk ability can be used through the Kobushi as some part of their design allows it. Because of their size and weight they can be used as bucklers, but only one at a time and only if the off hand isn't attacking unless the feat Shield Expert is taken. They can receive both offensive and defensive enchantments, but all count against the +10 modifier cap. They need to be custom fitted and cost around 100 gp each to make. Lotus' Kobushi are mithril and masterwork and cost 450 each to make.

Locator Gems
Type: Other, magical (no space limitation)
Description: These red gems glow when in close prox. to someone with devil blood. They are being used by both SOLDIER and 'the assassins'. They have additional properties (abjurational and psionic in nature) that are not fully understood.

Necklace of Adaption, amphibious
Type: Necklace, magical
Description: When worn, this item generates an envelope of salt water around the user.  While this is bad for an air-breather, this is useful for a marine crature that can only stay on land for a limited time.  If an air-breather puts it on, use the drowning rules in the DMG.

Ring of the Gymnast
Type: Ring, magical
Description: Grants wearer +1 typeless bonus to Jump skill and +4 typeless bonus to Tumble Skill. Note: Neobolts is a weenie and the item is still lame!

Spell Rapier
Type: Exotic Medium-size Melee Weapon (Piercing), magical, specific
Dmg: 1d6     Crit: 18-20/x2
Description: A special rapier +3 with a unique arcane focus chamber directly above the guard. Uses by Musketeers of Mellek.
Caster Level: 7th Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Imbue with Spell Ability.