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The Girl that is Lotus Blossom

Springtime Fashion, just in time to beat up evil. Lotus has an enigmatic past to say the least. As a baby her mother brought her to a monestary and promptly ceased thought. Her mother never says a word about anything and spends her days rocking slowly back in forth in a rocking chair. Lotus has learned that her father was the terrible demon that once plagued the land. Now she seeks to find her mother, for she was kidnapped by the assassins when they destroyed her monestary. After seeing the darkness of death and the sin of evil, Lotus decides that the only way to live with herself is to avenge the death of her monastic sisters and to explore a relationship with her half sister. Marie, perhaps the only one in the party to understand Lotus' inner feelings, seems to be one of the only connections to her past and to figuring out who in the abyss her mother is.