Session Data

2nd Generation

Session 1, November 22
The Destruction of Sigil

Sigil is invaded by the evil gods and destroyed.
DM: Dr. GOD, Zagnor
Players: Epametheus: Rydia al'Thor, Fallout: Achika, Meiran: Nara, Neobolts: Mizu-Yasha
Major NPCs: Jennifer Adlehyde, Cenik, Alielle, Volgath, The Lady of Pain, Gruumish deity of Orcs, Lolth Drow deity, Hruggek deity of Bugbears, Zagnor Adlehyde, Rydia Winddancer.
Setting: Sigil and the Outlands.
Additional Info:
Quotes: You see a big orc-DM
Ack, it's Gruumish!-Epimetheus
What?! How do you know these things?!-DM

Old Sessions

3rd Gen:Group 1

Session 1, November 25
You Wanted an Adventure

A group of adventurers gather on Kyrandia to search for a strange amulet.
Players: Epametheus: Tristan, Fallout: Lu, Neobolts: Takechi, Rysor: Eliad
Major NPCs: Rydia al'Thor, someone else?
Setting: Kyrandia
XP: 250
Additional Info:

3nd Gen:Group 2

Session 1, November 22
The Legendary City of Thar

Several adventurers find themselves in the mysterious city of Thar assisting a dress maker who is being harrassed by an evil shadow monster.
Players: Akito: Shearsomething, Meiran: Laura Croft, MUTS: Erowyn, Zagnor: Katherine.
Major NPCs: Rydia al'Thor, Badguy
Setting: Toril, Random Prime, Thar
XP: 250
Additional Info: Laura Crof is not the name of Meiran's character.
Quotes: I don't know what it is but it doesn't like us - Erowyn
Maybe it's because we're not dead - Shear

Then why did you ask me to dinner? - Erowyn
Cause I wanted to eat you, why else? [walks away] - Mindflayer