Name: Kazenoyon Mizu-YashaXP: 180661Lvl up @: 190000
Level: 19(Clc 18/Warpriest 1)Sex: MaleHair: Grey
Race: HumanAge: 80/98Eyes: Brown
Size: MediumHeight: 6' 1"Deity: Tenkishujin, God of Weather (NG)
Alignment: NGWeight: 130 lbs.Funds: 40969
Load: MediumCohort: Kazenoyon Jeniko Clan: Hikaze
Home: Kami no Fumito ni Tame, Oriental Lands, Kyrandia, Pentabalith Sphere, Prime Material Plane
HP 151
STR 5 (-3)
DEX 10 (+0) Includes Gloves of Dexterity+2
CON 17 (+3) Includes Belt of Health+8
INT 15 (+2)
WIS 29 (+9) Includes Periapt of Wisdom+6
CHA 12 (+1)
Base Attack Bonus: +14/+9/+4AC: 20=[Base:]10 [Chain Shirt+2:]+6 [Shield, Large+1:]+3 [Ring of Protection:]+1 [Dex]-0Init: +0
Saving Throws:
Fortitude: +21=[base:]+13[stat mod:]+3[Hat of Resistance:]+5
Reflex: +13=[base:]+6[stat mod:]+0[L. Reflexes]+2[Hat of Resistance:]+5
Will: +27=[base:]+13[stat mod:]+9[Hat of Resistance:]+5
Racial/Class Abilites:
+1 skill point each level, Turn Undead (turning check = total lvl +2; dmg +1d6), Rally
Lightning Reflexes, Leadership (LS 14), Spell Penetration(+2 to beat SR), Quicken Spell, Enlarge Spell, Craft Magic Arms/Armor, Spell Focus: Evocation, Combat Casting (+4 Concetration when Defensive)
Languages: Common, Common(Oriental), CelestialSpell DC: 19 + Spell Level (+2 w/ evocation)
Domains: Destruction (Smite Power: +4 att, +4 dmg 1/day), Magic (Use Arcane Devices as a 8th Level Wizard), Glory
Spells/Day: Orison: 6 | 1st: 8 +1 | 2nd: 7 +1 | 3rd: 7 +1 | 4th: 7 +1 | 5th: 6 +1 | 6th: 5 +1 | 7th: 4 +1 | 8th: 4 +1 | 9th: 3 +1
Class Skills:TotalRankStat Bonus
Concentration+2522+3 CON
Diplomacy+1413+1 CHA
Spellcraft+2220+2 INT
Scry+1917+2 INT
X-Class Skills:TotalRankStat Bonus
Hide+55+0 DEX
Listen+134+9 WIS
Move Silently+14*4+0 DEX
Sense Motive+155+9 WIS
Spot+101+9 WIS
*=+10 from armor
Weapons:Size/TypeDamageAttack BonusCritical/Crit. Dmg.WeightOther
Punching Dagger1d4-3 dmg+11/+6/+1x3
Sling1d4-3 dmg+14/+9/+4x2Range: 50 ft
Armor: Mithral Chain Shirt, Silent Moves +2 (Armor Bonus +4) = +6 to AC
Shield: Mithral, Large +1 (Shield Bonus +2) = +3 to AC
Other Equipment of note:
IOU to Nara for 10000gp
Belt of Health +8 (artifact)
Gloves of Dex +2
Hat of Resistance +5
Bracelet of Flying (2 hrs/day; 90 ft)
Earring of Energy Resistance: Sonic, Ice, & Elec. 20
Periapt of Wisdom +6
Ring: Protection +1
Holy Symbol (Carved Black Stone bearing kanji for 'wisdom')
Tanglefoot bagx7
Wands: True Strike (1st, 50 charges), Spectral Hand (3rd, 49 charges), Haste (5th, 40 charges), Sum. Mon I (9th, 43 charges), Polymorph Self (14th, 37 charges)
Potions: Flyx1
Divine Scrolls: Neut. Poison(5th)x1, Raise Dead(5th)x1, Haste(9th)x1, Magic Circle vs Good(5th)x1, Giant Vermin(5th)x1, Flame Strike(5th)x1
Arcane Scrolls: Phantasmal Killer(7th)x1, Polymorph Self(7th)x1, Fireball(7th)x1
Staves: Frost (18 charges) Darkwood Spellstaff (w/ Miracle)
Cherished Personal Effects:
Ceremonial Kimono (Charisma +3 at Clan Ceremonies)
Colored Light Coin
Glass Marble(radiates as magical)
Tea Set of Skill and Grace