TAXIL'S TOWER [image of tower]
Taxil is really a gundam boy...
Character Stats
Name: Taxil Necrobane
Sorceror Level 9
Fighter Level 1
Awakened Level 7
XP: 136,548(lvl up@153,000)
Race: Human Sex: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Eyes: Green Hair: Black
Height: 6'3" Age: 19
Weight: 175 lbs
Deity: The Ageless One

Max HP: 127 Init. Mod.: +6
AC: 21 Base Hit Bonus: +8

Languages: Abyssal,
Celestial, Common, Elf,
Funds: 22,757 GP

STR 10(14) mod+2
DEX 10(14) mod+2
CON 12(16) mod+3
INT 14(16) mod+3
WIS 10(12) mod+1
CHA 21(27) mod+8

Fortitude: +16
Reflex: +11
Will +13

Empower Spell
Improved Initiative
Silent Spell
Skill Focus: Concentration
Still Spell
Toughness x2
Cantrip (6/day): Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Flare, Light, Mage Hand, Mending, Ray of Frost, Read Magic, Resistance
1st level (8/day): Magic Missle, Protection from Evil, Shield, True Strike, Sleep
2nd level (8/day): Invisibility, Mirror Image, Rope Trick, See Invisibility, Web
3rd level (8/day): Dispel Magic, Fireball, Haste, Lightning Bolt
4th level (8/day): Enervation, Improved Invisibility, Polymorph Self
5th level (6/day): Dig, Feeblemind
6th level (4/day): Disintegrate
Atma Weapon 17 dmg +8/+3 hit N/A crit
+2 Keen Falchion 2d4+3 dmg +10/+5 hit 15/x2 crit
+1 Psibane Scythe 2d4+1 dmg +10/+5 hit 20/x4 crit
Alchemy +9
Bluff +11
Concentration +34
Diplomacy +19
Intimidate +20
Knowledge: Arcana +7
Knowledge: Dragonkind +5
Knowledge: Nobility +6
Knowledge: Undead +8
Perform +10
Profession: Apothecary +5
Ride +3
Scry +7
Search +5
Sense Motive +5
Spellcraft +10
Spot +3
Swimming +3

Noteworthy Items:
Amulet of Health +4 and Strength +4
Armband of Concentration +10
Bag of Tricks Type 2
Belt of Resistance +4
Bracers of Armor +4
Boots of Wisdom +2
Cloak of Charisma +6
Dust of Dryness
Hat of Disquise
Heavling Salve x3
Gloves of Dexterity +4
Potion: Cure Light
Potion: Delay Poison x2
Ring of Protection +2
Ring of Sustenance
Scroll: Dispel Magic
Scroll: Misdirection
Scroll: Non-detection & Tongues
Scroll: Protction from Arrows
Scroll: Teleport
Scroll: Teleport & transmute Rock to Mud
Scroll: Stone Shape
Silk Rope 50'
Vest of Intelligence +2
Wand: Burning Hands(14 charges)
Wand: Shatter (50 charges)
Previous Lives
No stories about Taxil's previous lives are currently posted.
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