ieflings Defeated


Title Number Name Method of defeat Date of defeat
Angel of Death 39 Xanthus Beheaded by Cloud Strife 2/9/48
Dark Swordsman 38 Malacai Death at the hands of Lotus Blossom 2/13/48
Bringer of Night 37 Xeldar Chomped by the Tarrasque 3/3/48
Merciless Sentinel 36 Sentrades Gored by the Tarrasque 3/3/48
Dark Watcher 35 Kerezeltros Sat on by the Tarrasque 3/3/48
Mama's Boy 34 Junior Don't ask 4/3/48
Hell Blade 33 Kas Patheos Poisoned by Sir Phillip, finished off by Quiana 11/24/48
The Limitless 32 Orion Slain once by Captain Fierce, and then slain again by Lotus Blossom 12/01/48
Master Sculptor 31 Morgrul Killed twice in one battle by Cloud Strife 12/01/48