Kobolds Ate My Baby

Kobolds Ate My Baby 2005
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Mayor Valeria
System BEER! Engine
Results Winner: Epametheus

One-shots. Kobolds attempted to gather delicious babies for King Torg (All Hail King Torg!). Drinking was involved.

New Year's Eve 2005




Cat ears/tail (Shandroa); Chinese traditional (neobolts); Pirate (Valeria); Devil Horns (Rysor); Pimp (Xarren); King (Tundra); Top Hat (Epametheus)

Kobolds Ate My Baby 2016
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Mayor neobolts
System House rules version of BEER! Engine
Results Winner: The Mayor
Runner-up: Valeria

New Year's Day 2016


West Bumblefuck is a quiet town. To the north of the Kobold Cave lies a large manor house with a number of smaller buildings and a small pond at the base of a waterfall. South of the Kobold Cave lies a commune with a number of buildings and a busy intersection and a murky stream.




House Rules

House rules documents for KAMB 2016. These documents do not contain the rules needed to run KAMB; they supplement KAMB3E and KAMB Super Deluxx.