We stopped in another town today called McCalisburg. While we were eating, the mayor, Mayor McCalis, came up to us. He wanted us to go and find a wagon of food that disappeared between here and Road's Edge. Also, some idiot kids wanted to play hero and get the cart and now they're missing. Why don't they have places where kids can hang out and stay out of trouble like back on my planet? Well, we accepted the mission and set out after dinner. We found the cart pretty quickly, but everyone had already been killed. Fortunately, their killers had just finished and hadn't left yet. The orcs saw us and attacked. We took 'em out in a few seconds. The lady that was with them bolted for the woods, but Loats tackled her. Magus charmed her and we all took the cart back to town. In town, we questioned the lady. She told us that the two kids were at her group's hideout. We had her draw us a map to there and tell us what her bosses were like. But since she was new, she didn't know the interior of the hideout very well. We dressed Taishou up like the lady (wow! a use for Taishou!) and went to the cave. The first room was a big cave. There were four arrow slits on the walls, and the only exit was a steep ramp on the other side of the cave. I was hoping that our plan to disguise useless girl as one of their own worked. Her boss came up and stood at the top of the ramp and wanted to know how things went. Magus told him that the lady had been attacked, but we happened by and saved her. He also told her boss that the wagon was outside. He didn't seem to be buying it. He sent an underling to help Taishou up the ramp. The midget figured who Taishou really was really fast, unfortunately, and bolted for the ramp. Didn't get too far, we fell her pretty quickly. The bad guys started raining arrows down from the slits and we had to escape. We came up with a quick plan to use tower shields to block the arrows as we walked across the cave. It worked. With the arrows behind us, we continued through the cave. They knew we were bluffing because they had a lookout slit that could keep an eye on the front entrance. We finally found the leaders huddled in the rear of the dungeon like the cowards they were. The head boss guy surrendered pretty easily after we dispatched his comrades. Needless to say, we saved the two kids, and were heroes for the day.

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