Well, we went back today to finish the job. Taishou and Magus searched outside while Lex and I went upstairs. Turns out the ghosts ain't too friendly. They enjoyed throwing furniture at us... Well, Taishou and Magus finally came inside and we were able to use some tower shields to get past the other ghost and find a secret door to a dungeon in the basement. Odd. What was odder was the fact that this place looked like some sort of temple, slave pit place. Well, we found the boss. Nasty guy I might say. His flunkies all ganged up on us, most of whom I had dispatched by the time he finally got to the fight. The fight was fairly short. I was missing way too much. The milk I had had earlier did taste a little sour... Next thing I know I'm waking up outside and the big orc guy's dead. Apparently he took everyone but Magus out and Magus came up with some last ditch scheme to take the orc out and fortunately did so.

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Cloud's Story

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