Well, we reached the training grounds today. It was pretty difficult getting in since they had no doors on the place. We had Taishou dress up as one of their own and haul Lotus in like some bounty head. When some of them came down to help get Lotus up, Lotus broke her bonds and started attacking people. While everyone was preoccupied over there, Phillip, Lex, Marie, Actrevious, and I scrambled up the other side. Phillip and I scattered and started taking out the assassins that were in the training ground. I thought it was poetic justice when one said "Hey that's a pretty acurate SOLDIER costume. We training on fighting one of them today? AHH!" Apparently they all thought that it was a training exercise that we were putting on. Poor sods. Well, we took out pretty much all of them in the base but the leader got away. Dammit! We did manage to capture one of his subordinates. We'll interigate him tomorrow. After we finished searching the place, we threw the corpses into the barracks and torched it. Later that night, we made camp and I took first watch. We got attacked by some acid spitting things later that night. They caught me off guard and I nearly bit the dust because of it. I don't know what was wrong with me, but I couldn't seem to hit again. It kinda reminded me of that bad Korgash fight. Oh well, thankfully Actrevious was with us. I owe him one I guess.

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