Man, this day just got wierder and wierder. It started off with some crazy nightmare about my missions back on Asteria. It was kind of messed up. It was my mission from the king to retreive the locator gems, but it was me when I was going through my trials to be inducted into SOLDIER. Odd. Well, the nightmare got worse and worse. And to make it that much more odd, I ran into Spin, one of my buddies from my training missions. But he was going by the name David Ilsvalen. I guess he was doing some undercover work as a farmer, but why was he using his Buster Sword as a plow? Anyways, we got attacked by some stupid ogres and Spin pointed us in the direction of their lair, but we had to promise not to come back and leave him alone. Since I found Spin, I wonder if I'll find Indigo as well. Hopefully she hasn't been found by the assassins yet and made her way to Runestar. I wish I had a way of letting Spin know that SOLDIER's assembling at Runestar right now. Well, I won't worry about it right now. Right now, we need to keep heading south.

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