It was great to see Derek again! I told him how our attack on the assassins' training grounds went and that he should be keeping an eye and ear open since the assassins do have some heavy firepower in the magic category on their side. It looks like we've been able to muster all of the remaining SOLDIERs here at Runestar. The demons that we've been hunting are all here too but they're proving to be a handful. They're all delinquents just like Lotus. Well, now we know she has an excuse... We're going to rest up in Runestar for a few weeks to get equipment prepped, made, gathered, etc and then ship out for Nature's Gate and then to Mothergreen. Even though I really don't care, the situation in Mothergreen has been kept behind closed doors very well. No news of any kind has made its way out of that country.

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