We finally reached Living Valley today. I was kinda warry of walking into town since last time I was here, I nearly killed the local bard. But oh well. What could they do to me? Anyways, the town seemed to be more concerned with other matters. We found out from Charliss later that they town was being terrorized by vampires. Yeah! Time for revenge! Taishou, Gavin, Taxil (which is what Lex wants to be called from now on...), and myself went on vamp hunting patrols and ran into a few groups of underlings. Looks like the townsfolk that were disappearing were being turned into lesser vamps. Can't do anything for them now except put them out of their misery. After a boring night of slaughter, we went back to the temple to meet back up with Charliss. While we were talking, an elven vamp, which we can guess is the boss, appeared behind Charliss and nearly severed his spine. But before any of us could do anything, the little berk turned invisible and flew away. Charliss was ok after he cast a healing spell on himself, but tomorrow Magus will be ok, and we're going to go hunting for their lair.

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