Ick. We had quite an encounter today. We arrived in a small little village today and before nightfall, some kid came in babbling about a few people entering the church and then not coming out for a long time. We decided to investigate. Well, it looked like the Order of the Undying decided to move into this little church. The two people the kid had been talking about had been hung above the pulpits in the sanctuary and we had to take out about 20 drow and a minitaur. Not to mention that the real guys in charge were invisible near the alter. It was a tough fight, but we eventually won. We found a secret tunnel that led underneath the church into what looked like a shelter. We found an actual Priest of the Undying trying to get at some dragon hide book. We beat him into submission and took the book for ourselves. In the book, a complete description of undead dragons was listed. Very odd.

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