Wow. That's all I got to say. The fight we had today was simply amazingly tough. Shove two creatures about twenty times my size in a room that can barely seat one and add an odd undead monster thing into the mix and we have some pretty nasty stuf on our hands. The undead creature was a morgh, or at least that's what Marie says. Phillip and I engaged the worms, while the morgh went after Taxil. Being swallowed is not fun. It would gulp me, I would clim hazzard my way out of its neck using my shortsword and hack at it on the outside till it tried to snarf me again. Repeat until one or the other is dead. Fortunately, I dropped the thing before it could drop me. Using my shortsword nonetheless. Phillip wasn't doing quite so hot. The worm nearly had him. Fortunately, the party banded together for one round of massive damage dealing on the thing with Marie skewering its brain or something on an arrow. After that, I dealt withe morgh and all was well in the town.

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