Fun fun fun. We were attacked this morning before we could even fully awake. I had just woken up and was going to go get Phillip so we could go exercise a bit before the rest of the party got up and we were attacked by seven purple worms. Marie is really confused by these things. She says that they don't normally move in packs like that. Plus they also aren't smart enough to use surround and snarf tactics like these used. Taxil and I held off most of them while Marie, Taishou, and Phillip evacuated the inn. Two of the larger ones did escape however. The giant sinkhole they created did reveal an underground cavern of some sort. In the caves, we found a hatchery for purple worms. Seeing as how the worm fight depleted our resources, we decided it best to wait until the next day to finish exploring the caves. Especially with mommy worm and big brother running loose down there.

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