We'll never be able to talk some sense into Lotus. Or even beat it in as a matter of fact. At the last minute, she jumped into the teleporter circle that was in the chambers to go with Phillip. In one respect I understand that she felt that she had to help him, which he did later. But on the other hand, she should respect some of the laws that the people place. But I can't blame her. I was having trouble keeping out of there. I should have gone with Phillip. Laws or no laws, it was dangerous to send only one person. I guess Lotus' sixth sense kicked in. From what Phillip said, there were a bunch of golems on the other side that he activated. If Lotus hadn't gone, he probably would have been pummeled to death by those things. They did finally get back at least. Our only problem is that the chief is demanding reprecussions. He wants Lotus flogged.

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