Ok. I think I need to re-evaluate the way I look at dragons. What was thought to be a red dragon was a green dragon painted to look like a red dragon. In the middle of the night, it attacked us just before everyone got their spells back for the day. Also, that stupid vault hopped into town. I can't believe how strong a stinking animated vault is! The dragon swooped in on Taxil and myself as we were trying to deal with the damned vault. I was able to escape, but Taxil was left for the pickings. I got the rest of the party together and we went back to the vault hoping to find Taxil and the dragon. No such luck as to either.

Phillip dispatched the vault and then the dragon showed back up. I don't know why Taishou did this, but she flew up AFTER the dragon to do an invisibility purge. She promptly got herself killed. The battle was pretty irritating. I could barely hit the dragon, and Phillip was flying circles around it doing tons of damage. The dragon actually rendered me unconcious and from what everyone says. Phillip slew it. Go figure. Maybe I am getting redundant.

Anyways, we found Taxil later. He was unconcious in a tree. Apparently the dragon was going to save him for later torturing. And we need to get Taishou true ressed. That's going to be expensive. On the bright side, we got the dragon's treasure, the vault's treasure, and we're giving the town enough money to rebuild since we demolished about a quarter of it in the fight.

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