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Unique Domains
Charm Domain
Deities: Ai-Sama, Aurora, Rose & Thorn, Trevail, Pyros Tou
Granted Power: Diplomacy, Bluff, Sense Motive, and Perform are class skills
Domain Spells:
1 Charm Person
2 Enthrall
3 Suggestion
4 Charm Monster
5 Greater Command
6 Geas/Quest
7 Mass Suggestion
8 Sympathy
9 Mass Charm

Fate Domain
Deities: Ai-Sama, Uminati, Daivatas, Dyce
Granted Power: Good Fortune Power
Domain Spells:
1 Divine Favor
2 Augury
3 Divination
4 [Deity]'s Eye*
5 Modify Memory
6 Guards and Wards
7 Analyze Dweomer
8 Discern Location
9 Foresight
* As Arcane Eye.

Time Domain
Deities: Pax Deos, The Ageless One, Pariveda, Seracia, The Blood Queen
Granted Power: Haste a free action once per day; duration: class level/5 rounds, rounded up.
Domain Spells:
1 Feather Fall
2 Gentle Repose
3 Haste
4 Slow
5 [Deity]'s Devotional Enhancer*
6 Mass Haste
7 Vanish
8 Temporal Stasis
9 Time Stop
* As Rary's Mnemonic Enhancer, except that 'Retained' is 'Regranted'.

Undeath Domain
Deities: The Ageless One, Seracia, Skull of Ashes
Granted Power: Extra Turning or Skill Focus: Knowledge(Undead) as a bonus feat.
Domain Spells:
1 Invisibility to Undead
2 Desecrate
3 Vampiric Touch
4 Death Ward
5 Raise Dead
6 Create Undead
7 Control Undead
8 Create Greater Undead
9 Soul Bind

Prestige Domains
Weather Domain
Deities: Siom(special)
Granted Power: Character can accurately predict weather conditions up to 6 hours in advance.
Domain Spells:
1 Obscuring Mist
2 Weather Eye*
3 Call Lightning
4 Prolong Weather
5 Control Winds
6 Ice Storm
7 Control Weather
8 Whirlwind
9 Storm of Vengeance
* = Spell is Located in Defenders of the Faith

Granting Deities
Air[4]: Makani, Siom, Qorzaq, Dyce
Animal[5]: Rael, Aestar, Seracia, Golden Lioness, Sadie
Chaos[6]: Makani, Diostarma, Qorzaq, Rose & Thorn, Pyros Tou, Vina
Charm[5]: Ai-sama, Aurora, Rose & Thorn, Trevail, Pyros Tou
Death[6]: Daivatas, Seracia, Golden Lioness, Trevail, Skull of Ashes, Lodus
Destruction[6]: Makani, Qorzaq, Trevail, Xerces, Lodus, Vina
Earth[5]: Pariveda, Siom, Karactas, Golden Lioness, Mal-Tieros
Evil[6]: Karactas, Mal-Tieros, Trevail, Sadie, Xerces, Vina
Fate[4]: Ai-sama, Uminati, Daivatas, Dyce
Fire[4]: Siom, Skull of Ashes, Sadie, Pyros Tou
Good[4]: Valos, Ai-sama, Sospitas, Diostarma
Healing[5]: Pax Deos, Sopsitas, Wailele, Blood Queen, Vina
Knowledge[5]: Arcanus, Aurora, Uminati, Pariveda, Ageless One
Law[4]: Valos, Uminati, Blood Queen, Karactas
Luck[4]: Diostarma, Sospitas, Rose & Thorn, Dyce
Magic[6]: Wailele, Arcanus, Daivatas, Dyce, Karactas, Xerces
Plant[6]: Wailele, Rael, Sospitas, Pariveda, Golden Lioness, Mal-Tieros
Protection[6]: Valos, Pax Deos, Arcanus, Aurora, Aestar, Uminati
Sun[4]: Aurora, Rael, Aestar, Blood Queen
Strength[5]: Valos, Makani, Sadie, Xerces, Lodus
Time[5]: Pax Deos, Pariveda, Ageless One, Seracia, Blood Queen
Travel[5]: Aestar, Diostarma, Ageless One, Qorzaq, Mal-Tieros
Trickery[5]: Pax Deos, Ai-sama, Daivatas, Rose & Thorn, Pyros Tou
Undeath[3]: Ageless One, Seracia, Skull of Ashes
War[3]: Arcanus, Skull of Ashes, Lodus
Water[3]: Wailele, Rael, Siom