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Character's Chosen Deity
Cloud Strife worships Dyce, Goddess of Chance.
Oani worships Diostarma, God of Freedom.
Lotus Blossom worships Rose & Thorn, Goddess & God of Deceit.
Magus Runestar worships Arcanus and all good deities.
Marie SilverRose worships Aurora, Goddess of the Arts.
Sir Phillip worships Valos, Goddess of Valor.
Taxil Necrobane worships the Ageless One, God of the Ages.
Taishou-Taishou worships Sospitas, Goddess of Health.

Deity Chart
Clerics of a deity must choose at least one underlined domain.
Valos [LG]
Pax Deos [LG]
Wailele [LG]
Arcanus [LG]
Ai-sama [NG]
Aurora [NG]
Rael [NG]
Diostarma [CG]
Sospitas [CG]
Aestar [CG]
Makani [CG]
Uminati [LN]
Daivatas [LN]
Pariveda [LN]
The Ageless One [TN]
Seracia [TN]
Siom [TN]
Qorzaq [CN]
Rose & Thorn [CN]
Dyce [CN]
Karactas [LE]
Blood Queen [LE]
Golden Lioness [LE]
Mal-Tieros [LE]
Trevail [NE]
Skull of Ashes [NE]
Sadie [NE]
Vina [CE]
Xerces [CE]
Pyros Tou [CE]
Lodus [CE]

Lawful Good

Valos [val-ohs]
Gender: Female
Represents: Valor
Status: Greater
Domains: Law/Good/Protection/Strength
Desciption: A blond-haired winged valkerie in armor of gold wielding a mighty sword.
High Temple: Palidea (rebuilt after the war)
Weapon: Longsword
Holy Day: 12/5- On this day, magical weapons wielded by Valos' followers gain an additional +1 bonus to hit and damage(no max). Also, all magical armor worn by Valos' followers gain an additional +1 bonus to AC(no max).

Pax Deos [pax d-hs]
Gender: Male
Represents: Peace(, Defenders)
Status: Inter.
Domains: Protection/Trickery/Healing/Time
Desciption: A gigantic pure white bird resembling a phoenix. Also appears in the form of a man with a bird's head.
High Temple: Greater Pariveda
Weapon: Net
Holy Day: 9/2- On this day, the planet is under the effects of a Calm Emotions spell.

Wailele [why-lay-lay]
Gender: Female
Represents: the Waters
Status: Inter.
Domains: Water/Healing/Magic/Plant
Desciption: Giant Liquid Form.
High Temple: Starsign, Rey, Southlands
Weapon: Trident
Holy Day: 3/23-On this day, areas that are need of rain recieve it.

Arcanus [are-can-us]
Gender: Male
Represents: the Arcane(, the Mind)
Status: Inter.
Domains: Magic/Protection/Knowledge/War
Desciption: A powerful and wise man dressed in the traditional robes of a mage.
High Temple: Greater Pariveda
Weapon: Staff
Holy Day: 10/18- All arcane spellcasters are +1 spell level.

Neutral Good

Ai-sama [ah--sah-mah]
Gender: Male
Represents: Love
Status: Inter.
Domains: Good/Charm/Fate/Trickery
Desciption: Strong and muscular, he is depicted in a loincloth, often surrounded by young maidens.
High Temple: Eastern Corlea
Weapon: Rapier
Holy Day: 2/14-On this day, the planet is under the effects of a Emotion (Friendship) spell. People exchange gifts with friends and loved ones on this day.

Gender: Female
Represents: the Arts
Status: Lesser
Domains: Charm/Protect/Sun/Knowledge
Desciption: She has black hair with a laurel wreath in her hair, wears a long white robe, and carries a crystal lyre.
High Temple: Pariveda
Weapon: Rapier
Holy Day: 10/8- +15 to Craft(arts related) and Perform for people with existing ranks.

Rael [Rye-el]
Gender: Female
Represents: the Harvest(, Nature)
Status: Lesser
Domains: Plant/Water/Sun/Animal
Desciption: Adorned in a simple animal skin. She has branches sprouting from her fingertips and her hair is made up of ferns.
High Temple: Cantryl, Rael, Southlands
Weapon: Scythe
Holy Day: 7/1- Giant Metal Golems descend upon the planet and increase the crop yield by 10%.

Chaotic Good

Gender: Male
Represents: Freedom(, Moon)
Status: Greater
Domains: Chaos/Good/Luck/Travel
Desciption: Dressed in a manner similar to an arabian sultan. Carries a gleaming adamantite scimitar.
High Temple: Western Corlea
Weapon: Scimitar
Holy Day: 8/18-On this day, magical weapons wielded by Diostarma's followers gain an additional +1 bonus to hit and damage(no max). Also, all magical armor worn by Diostarma's followers gain an additional +1 bonus to AC(no max).

Sospitas [s-spih-tahs]
Gender: Female
Represents: Health(, Fertility)
Status: Inter.
Domains: Healing/Good/Plant/Luck
Desciption: Dressed in white with flowing brown hair. She is occasionally depicted great with child. Her hands have a glowing aura around them.
High Temple: Leiden, Gellian, Southlands
Weapon: Quarterstaff
Holy Day: 1/10- High Fertility Rate

Aestar [-s-star]
Gender: Male
Represents: Travellers
Status: Inter.
Domains: Travel/Animal/Protection/Sun
Desciption: A wise old elf with a gnarled walking stick.
High Temple: Travelling Entourage
Weapon: Staff
Holy Day: 8/2-On this day, angels in the guise of travellers stay at inns. If treated well, they bless the innkeeper with good fortune for the next year. As a results, inns worldwide are free on this day.

Makani [mah-kah-n]
Gender: Male
Represents: the Winds
Status: Inter.
Domains: Air/Strength/Chaos/Knowledge
Desciption: The jolly islander-king.
High Temple: Makani's Islands
Weapon: Longbow
Holy Day: 13/9-On this day, winds are favorable for sailors.

Lawful Neutral

Uminati [oo-mn-a-t]
Gender: Male
Represents: Order
Status: Inter.
Domains: Law/Protection/Knowledge/Fate
Desciption: A bearded bald man with black robes and a set of scales.
High Temple: Barsiege, Southlands
Weapon: Lance (any)
Holy Day: 11/15-All order based spell effects are doubled in all respects for followers of Uminati.

Daivatas [Dye--vah-tahs]
Gender: Male
Represents: Fate
Status: Lesser
Domains: Fate/Trickery/Magic/Death
Desciption: Depicted as a living book. Also known as 'The Book of Fate' and 'The Keeper of the Everknown'.
High Temple: Eastern Corlea
Weapon: Glaive
Holy Day: 4/15- On this day, all people capable of casting 2nd level spells can cast Augury once as a free spell. (This considered an arcane spell for ancane spellcasters.) This is also the day when many of the kingdoms traditionally collect taxes.

Pariveda [pah-rih-v-dah]
Gender: Female
Represents: Truth
Status: Lesser
Domains: Knowledge/Earth/Plant/Time
Desciption: (Church law forbids the physical depiction of Pariveda, as her form is said to be the embodiment of truth itself.)
High Temple: Tear, Vina's Arm
Weapon: Short Sword
Holy Day: 12/11-On this day, the planet is under the effects of a Zone of Truth spell.

True Neutral/Neutral

The Ageless One
Gender: Male
Represents: the Ages
Status: Inter.
Domains: Time/Travel/Undeath/Knowledge
Desciption: The Ageless One is an old bearded hermit with an hourglass mounted upon an oaken staff. He is wearing grey robes.
High Temple: Dragon Homelands, Corlea
Weapon: Staff
Holy Day: 13/28- All spell durations are doubled for his followers.

Seracia [suh-r-shi-uh]
Gender: Female
Represents: the After
Status: Inter.
Domains: Death/Undeath/Time/Animal
Desciption: The eldest of the Three Sisters of Sorrow. She sorts the souls that have been judged.
High Temple: Thozan, Southlands
Weapon: Scythe
Holy Day: 6/13- This day's activities consist of visits by families to the graves of their close kin. At the gravesites family members engage in sprucing up the gravesite, decorating it with flowers, and interacting socially with other family and community members who gather at the cemetary. Families remember the departed by telling stories about them. Familes have a .1% chance of being visited by the honored person.

Siom [Cye-ohm]
Gender: Neutral
Represents: Weather
Status: Inter.
Domains: Fire/Water/Earth/Air
Desciption: Siom's large muck-like body is made up of the corvergence of the four elements.
High Temple: Makani's Islands
Weapon: Javelin
Holy Day: 1/24-Weather conditions are more extreme.

Chaotic Neutral

Qorzaq [kor-zack]
Gender: Male
Represents: Anarchy
Status: Inter.
Domains: Chaos/Air/Travel/Destruction
Desciption: With blazing eyes and once-fine robe that is now in tatters, Qorzaq carries a scepter of solid mist.
High Temple: Destroyed Repeatedly
Weapon: Orc Doubleaxe
Holy Day: 4/22-(Roll d% at start of day for worldwide effect)
1-40: All chaos based spell effects are doubled in all respects for followers of Qorzaq.
41-75: 1% chance of a spell wild surging. (Refer to Rod of Wonder table).
76-90: On this day, the planet is under the effects of a babble spell. Every individual is allowed a will save vs DC 13.
91-00: On this day, the planet is under the effects of a Girdle of Masculinity/Feminity. Reaction to this event varies from people sequestering themselves to wild orgiastic parties (pregnancy is not possible). The amazon and drow are not very happy when this event occurs.

Rose & Thorn
Gender: Female, Male
Represents: Deceit
Status: Lesser
Domains: Trickery/Charm/Chaos/Luck
Desciption: Although treated as a single deity, this sister and brother appear dressed as jesters and constantly play tricks on each other.
[Note: Only through the worship of both of them does a cleric gain spells. They 'dislike' attempts to worship them individually.]
High Temple: Gerfeldersnatch
Weapon: Thorn Whip(Whip Dagger)
Holy Day: 5/1- +15 to Craft(trapmaking) for people with existing ranks.

Dyce [dice]
Gender: Female
Represents: Chance
Status: Lesser
Domains: Luck/Magic/Air/Fate
Desciption: A female halfling who carries a bag from which she can draw anything that mortals have lost or forgotten.
High Temple: Coastal Tynia, Southlands
Weapon: Boomerang
Holy Day: 5/19- it isn't pretty (just wait 'til ya see the chart). It's the largest business day for gambling.

Lawful Evil

Karactas [kah-rakt-tahs]
Gender: Male
Represents: Tyranny
Status: Greater
Domains: Law/Evil/Magic/Earth
Desciption: Almost always shown seated upon a massive throne made of rock and earth, he is muscular and holds an intricate staff with which he dispenses his furious magic powers.
High Temple: Gukorroth, Darklands
Weapon: Heavy Mace
Holy Day: 2/12-On this day, magical weapons wielded by Karactas' followers gain an additional +1 bonus to hit and damage(no max). Also, all magical armor worn by Karactas' followers gain an additional +1 bonus to AC(no max).

Blood Queen
Gender: Female
Represents: Purgation
Status: Inter.
Domains: Sun/Healing/Time/Law
Desciption: This spider-woman is cruel and calculating.
High Temple: Splinterlands
Weapon: Dagger
Holy Day: 6/1- You get sunburned if you commit a chaotic crime on this day. People make a point of avoiding commiting crimes on this day. Also people avoid getting sunburned from sun exposure during the weeks before and after this day for fear of being mistook as criminals.

Golden Lioness
Gender: Female
Represents: the Hunt
Status: Inter.
Domains: Animal/Earth/Plant/Death
Desciption: A great golden lioness who ruthlessly hunts her prey while occasionally being hunted herself by other gods.
High Temple: Northern Darklands
Weapon: Cat Claws
Holy Day: 7/6- Carnivorous animals are extremely hungry on this day. Human and dwarven civilizations typically celebrate with a great feast.

Mal-Tieros [mal-t-e-rhs]
Gender: Male
Represents: the Soil
Status: Inter.
Domains: Earth/Plant/Evil/Travel
Desciption: A dark-skinned giant, Mal-Tieros dresses as a classic barbarian. His great club is said to be the source of earthquakes.
High Temple: Northern Darklands
Weapon: Great Club
Holy Day: 9/16-Every year Mal-Tieros sends an earthquake upon the land as a reminder of his power (As the spell, 5 mile radius). Also, on this day, the clerics at his high temple reveal the location of the next year's earthquake, giving that area's residents one year to prepare. This ceremonial announcement on the temple's steps is often attended by many famous bards, who then spread the news of impending doom around the world.

Neutral Evil

Trevail [trah-vl]
Gender: Male
Represents: Misery(, Illness)
Status: Inter.
Domains: Evil/Death/Destruction/Charm
Desciption: He's commonly protrayed as a sardonic, young nobleman with dark hair and wearing a glove covered with barbs. His empty eyes more accurately reflect his true nature.
High Temple: Tear (currently in ruins)
Weapon: Spiked Gauntlet
Holy Day: 11/28 On this day (typically the coldest day of the year), the planet is under the effects of an Emotion(Despair) spell. Most people stay home is bed. (Shops are closed.)

Skull of Ashes
Gender: Male
Represents: the Undead
Status: Lesser
Domains: Undeath/Death/Fire/War
Desciption: A black-caped skeleton with a hair made of red-orange fire. He casually calls up undead minions to perform even minor tasks. He is treacherous and hungers for greater power.
High Temple: really well hidden (Splinterlands)
Weapon: Long Sword
Holy Day: 10/10- Undead can't be turned on this day.

Sadie [say-d]
Gender: Female
Represents: Brutality(, Sadism)
Status: Lesser
Domains: Strength/Animal/Evil/Fire
Desciption: The youngest of the Three Sisters of Sorrow, Sadie wears the trappings of a dominatrix. Her favored weapon is a spiked flail.
High Temple: Splinterlands
Weapon: Spiked Flail
Holy Day: 4/28- Worldwide celebration among those with those with kinky fetishes. Followers of the goddess also receive a +2 bonus to strength on this day.

Chaotic Evil

Vina [v-nah]
Gender: Female
Represents: Dischord
Status: Greater
Domains: Chaos/Evil/Healing/Destruction
Desciption: Portrayed either with tattered black rags covering her body or in reavealing black silken outfits. She has black hair, solid black eyes, and long pointed black fingernails that can cut through any material.
High Temple: Kamidanaga
Weapon: Fighting Claws
Holy Day: 5/13- On this day, magical weapons wielded by Vina's followers gain an additional +1 bonus to hit and damage(no max). Also, all magical armor worn by Vina's followers gain an additional +1 bonus to AC(no max).

Xerces [zercs-ss]
Gender: Male
Represents: Destruction
Status: Inter.
Domains: Destruction/Strength/Evil/Magic
Desciption: Depicted as a military captain on the deck of a mighty flying ship. It is said that the wake of the ship causes destruction.
High Temple: East Islands (he hasn't blown this one up yet)
Weapon: Great Ax
Holy Day: 3/3-Also known as "Torrasque Day". At midnight, the Torrasque appears and rampages for 24 hours or until defeated. Divining the location of this event is impossible, but every year adventurers try to guess where it will appear and prepare for its arrival.

Pyros Tou [pie-rhs th]
Gender: Female
Represents: the Flame
Status: Inter.
Domains: Fire/Trickery/Charm/Chaos
Desciption: A gigantic fire elemental
High Temple: Southern Darklands
Weapon: Flame Sword
Holy Day: 6/10-On this day, fire-based creatures lose their penalties vs cold.

Gender: Female
Represents: War
Status: Inter.
Domains: War/Death/Destruction/Strength
Desciption: An amazon warrioress atop a mighty war horse. She is the middle sister of the Three Sisters of Sorrow.
High Temple: Fezonia, Darklands
Weapon: Great Sword
Holy Day: 3/20-On this day armies pass all morale checks.