Character Creation
1st and 2nd Generation
Stats: 32 point stat buy system.
Level: 8 + DM xp or convertion from 2nd Edition.
Races: Any

3rd Generation
Stats: 25 point stat buy plus an additional +4 to one stat and +2 to another.
Level: 1st
Races: Any race from the Player's handbook or Oriental Adventures except Hengeyokai. Playing the child of an exsisting character excludes you from this rule.
Signiture Weapons: Each character starts with a signature weapon. [See Signature Weapons for more]
Spell Crystals: Each character starts with one spell crystal. You may choose the spells on it. The crystal's level 0 power is +5 hp. [See Spell Crystals and Soul Magic for more and Items: Spell Crystals for examples.]

Campaign Rules

Spell Crystals and Soul Magic

Soul Magic is a new type of magic, much like arcane and divine. The origin of this magic is not yet known. All characters have access to this power regardless of class. In order to use this magic, one must equip spell crystals. Your ability to cast soul magic is based on two things: your character level and spell crystals you have or have had equiped.

There are 3 main catagories of spell crystals: weak, usually having only one spell or one ability; average, having 5 spells (0-4th lv) and 1 to 5 abilities; and strong, having spells higher than 4th level and powerful abilities. the first kind is quite common and can be found at shops in most large cities, average cryastals are uncommon and are usually found rather than bought, finally, strong crystals are very rare and each is unique, most strong crystals are either in the hands of the most powerful beings in the multiverse or hidden in the most inaccessable depths of the planes.

Spells per Day
0 1 2 3 4
1 - - - -
2 - - - -
3 - - - -
3 1 - - -
3 2 - - -
3 3 - - -
3 3 1 - -
3 3 2 - -
3 3 3 - -
3 3 3 1 -
3 3 3 2 -
3 3 3 3 -
3 3 3 3 1
3 3 3 3 2
3 3 3 3 3
4 3 3 3 3
4 4 3 3 3
4 4 4 3 3
4 4 4 4 3
4 4 4 4 4
Spell Crystals:
Each spell crystal teaches 1-5 spells, and some grant special abilities as well. One learns spells from the crystals (instead of studying spell books, innate ability or divine grace.) Soul magic is neither arcane or divine and can be from any spell list. Spells are cast spontaneously. All feats, including metamagic, item creation and other feats relating to spells, can be used with soul magic. The caster level for soul magic is half character level rounded down and the save DC is 10 plus spell level plus half character level rounded down. All characters except Crystal Mages use the chart below for number of spells cast per day using soul magic.

Using Crystals:
An individual may only equip one crystal at a time. While equipped with a specific crystal, a character may cast any spell taught by the crystal even if it is not fully learned. A character also gains any Special Abilities the crystal may have while it is equipped. Unless otherwise noted, a spell crystal that has multiple abilities grants all of them to the user. A character must have spent 24 hours attuning himself to a crystal in order to use its powers. This means that a person must equip a crystal for 24 hours before gaining any benefits from having it equipped. This is to prevent the party from passing around crystals with spells such as Cure Light Wounds.

Learning Spells:
Each spell taught by a crystal has a learn rate represented by a number. When XP is earned, divide the XP by the spell learn rate. Add this to the Spell Learned Percent which begins at zero for each spell. As more XP is gained, the learn percent continues to go up. When the total for the spell reaches 100, the spell is learned and can be cast normally without the crystal.

For example, Zagnorís Monster Grinder has a learn rate of 50. A character with a crystal that teaches the spell gains 2,500 XP. The Spell Learned % increases by 50 points (2500/50=50). The character is awarded 4,000 XP in a later session, and the Spell Learned % increases by 80 (4000/50=80) making it 130. The Learn percent is now at or above 100 and Zagnorís Monster Grinder is learned and can be cast without equipping the crystal.

Improving the Crystal- Special Abilities:
Some crystals themselves improve, increasing in power as they gains XP. The crystal gains XP equil to that gained by the user while it is equipped. Once it gains a certain amount of XP, it levels up. A crystalís power can be used by anyone regardless of who leveled it up, and it may gain XP from multiple users.

As an example, Zagnor uses a Crystal that grants a -10 luck penalty to all saves. He gains 10,000 XP, and so does the crystal. He gives it to Rydia as a gift, and she quickly sells it to an unsuspecting merchant for some gold, but if she were to use it and gain 5,000 XP, it would gain 5,000 XP and have a total of 15,000 XP, possibly enough to level it up.

Signature Weapons

All PCs start with a signiture weapon. This is a masterwork weapon of their choice. The signiture weapon has a hardness of 20 and 50 HP. At every even level, starting at Level 2, the weapon can gain a +1 ability. This can simply be a +1 enhancement bonus, or it can be a weapon ability such as Frost or Spell Storing. Points can be saved to purchase abilities with higher plus costs. If you partially buy something (such as speed), weíll see how we can make it useful for those 8 levels while you are working on completing it. Unlike the normal signiture weapon feat however, instead of simply choosing powers at level up, you must absorb them from another weapon. So, if you want Frost, you must find frost weapon first and take its power (there by weakening it). The following additional abilities hae been added. They are gained in slightly different ways, but they are easy to get, so donít worry.

You gain a metamagic feat that can be used once per day. It is spontaneously added to the spell but does not increase the casting time or the spell level used. You may not increase the spell level above what you normally can cast (so if you are a Lv7 wizard you may not maximize a fireball).
Cost: Each +1 spell level for the feat (example: maximize is +3) is a +1 bonus (so maximize is a +3 bonus for the weapon)

Spell Power:
+2 to the Save DC and +2 to caster level checks to overcome SR. Usable once per day. Stacks with all other bonuses, but does not stack with itself. May be taken multiple times, and each successive selection allows it to be used once more per day.
Cost: +1

Extra Slot:
As the feat, Extra Slot.
Cost: +1

Extra Spell:
As the Feat, Extra Spell
Cost: +1


Regional Feats & Ancestor Feats:Only ONE may be taken. (Not one of each, one total)

Spell Casting Prodigy: It is allowed. It may be selected for Universal magic, increasing the DCs by 1 and giving you a bonus Lv1 spell.

Planar DMs

The person assigned to a plane is in charge of that plane and has final say as to how that plane functions and what goes on in it. That person is expected to know all general knowledge about that plane. We reserve the right to change things if they mess up the campaign in general. If someone wants to run a game on a plane or has a question about a plane, they ask the DM for that plane, not Phillip and/or Matt. Talk to Matt and/or Phillip for information on how your plane was effected by the collapse. You may of course run adventures elsewhere besides your assigned planes. Planar assignments are not set in stone and may be changed if you wish, and you may request more. If a Planar DM does not do his duty, the plane(s) may be taken away from him.

The following spells work differantly in the third generation games. (Note: Some of these still need to be changed but I need to look them up first. Also, they are subject to change and have not been approved by both DMs, I'm just putting them up now because I am! So live with it! You can't cast any of this stuff yet anyways!!!)
Accelerate Lifeline: Does not exist.
Conceal Temporal Anomaly: Does not exsist.
Create Slipgate: Does not exsist.
Detect Temporal Anomaly: Does not exsist.
Life Tether: Does not exist.
Major Paradox: Functions as Paradox. XP Cost: 500.
Minor Paradox: Does not exsist.
Paradox: Functions as Minor Paradox. XP Cost: 100.
Raise Dead: Must be cast within 1 minute per level of the death of the individual. XP cost: 500 xp.
Reincarnation: Must be cast within 1 day per level of the death of the individual. XP cost: 750 xp.
Resurection: Must be cast within 1 hour per level of the death of the individual. XP cost: 750 xp.
Reverse Lifeline: Does not exist.
Sever Lifeline: Does not exsist.
Temporal Acceleration:If a spell is not delayed when cast while Temporal Acceleration is active, it can only affect the caster.
Temporal Eye: Does not exist.
Temporal Shell: Does not exist.
Temporal Stasis: Does not exsist.
Temporal Velocity: Lasts for 2d4+1 rounds. If a spell is not delayed when cast while Temporal Velocity is active, it can only affect the caster.
Temporal Wall: Does not exist.
Timeheal: Can only go back 1 round per 3 levels.
Time Hop: The subject hops forward only 2d6+1 rounds.
Timereaver: Does not exsist.
Time Regression:XP Cost: 750.
Time Snare: Does not exist.
Time Stop:If a spell is not delayed when cast while Time Stop is active, it can only affect the caster.
True Resurrection: Must be cast within 1 day per level of the death of the individual. XP cost: 1000 xp.