emini Enforcer

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Base Attack Bonus:Use Rogue Level 1-5.
Saves:Fort/Will: Use Fighter Level 1-5.
Reflex: Use Rogue Level 1-5.
1 Dyce's Favor
2 Clear the Room, Bonus Feat
3 Tag Up
4 Gemini Strike, Bonus Feat
5 Coordinated Assualt

When the Tynian Merchant Council found the Tynian Coast --the stretch of urban beachfront at the heart of their gambling operations and merchant empire-- overrun by thuggery and other petty crime, they turned to the High Temple of Dyce for help. Streetwise fighters among her flock were partnered up in order to crack down on the cities low-life troublemakers. The wild fighting techniques of these 'Gemini Enforcers' were so popular, they were adopted by worshippers of Dyce around the planet. The techniques of the Gemini Enforcers are often taken up by brothers-in-arms as well as by renowned adventurers and their cohort protégés.

Base Attack Bonus: +8
Feats: Weapon Focus: any 1 melee weapon, Dual Strike*
Skills: Knowledge: Religion: 1 rank, Tumble: 5 ranks
Special: Must worship Dyce. Must have a 'partner', a specific other character that either already has levels in Gemini Enforcer or is taking a level in Gemini Enforcer next time they level up.

Hit Die: d8

Class Skills:
Climb(Str), Gather Information(Cha), Intimidate(Cha), Knowledge: Religion(Int), Jump(Str), Ride(Dex), Sense Motive(Wis) Swim(Str), Tumble(Dex)
Skill Points: 2 + Int Mod.

Class Features:
Weapon/Armor Proficency: Gemini Enforcers are proficient with all simple and martial weapon and with all light and medium armors.

Dyce's Favor: Starting at level 1, a Gemini Enforcer can reroll a failed attack roll using a melee weapon that he has Weapon Focus in. This ability can be used 1/day.The reroll is made using his partner's attack modfiers (including active spells) with a melee weapon that she has Weapon Focus in. This is a supernatural ability.

Claer the Room: At 2nd level, when within 30 ft. of his partner, a Gemini Enforcer's unique team fighting style allows the use of the feats Circle Kick* and Eyes in the Back of Your Head*. This is an extraordinary ability.

Bonus Feats: Bonus Feats must be drawn from the following list: Dodge, Mobility, Skill Focus: Gather Information, Throw Anything*, Toughness

Tag Up: At 3rd level, a Gemini Enforcer gains the ability 'Tag Up'. If he is within 10 feet of his partner (& not seperated by a barrier), he can switch locations with his partner as a free action. This does not provoke attacks of oppurtunity. This ability can not be used if he or his partner has used this ability in the current round or previous round. This is an extraordinary ability.

Gemini Strike: This ability is activated as a free action at the beginning of a round. The Gemini Enforcer applies any magical bonus to attack and damage on a melee weapon that his partner has Weapon Focus in and is using this round to his first attack this round with a melee weapon that he has Weapon Focus in. Likewise, any magical bonus to attack and damage on the melee weapon that he is using this round is applied to her first attack this round with the melee weapon that he is reciving his bonus from her with. The magical bonuses stack with the weapon's own magical bonuses (max +10). This ability may be used by 1/day, and only if his partner has not used this ability that same day. (Example: If he has a longsword +3 and she has a dagger +4, their weapons are both +7 magical on their first attack.) This is a supernatural ability.

Coordinated Assault: A Gemini Enforcer gains a +2 to his weapon's critical threat range when he and his partner are flanking the same target with melee weapons. This is an extraordinary ability.

* = located in Sword and Fist