restige Classes


Agent of Mystical Knavery

These devotees of Rose & Thorn have spells specifically suited for rogues who want to raise a ruckus.

Awakened, The

Nobody likes having to suffer through a horribly traumatic event. But if you're one of the Awakened, at least you get to manifest amazing powers derived from your very soul.


This beastmaster doesn't use little fuzzy animals. He oversteps the boundaries that once contained the ranger and now roams the land with any animal companion he can find.

Dragonrider of Valos

Strong in their faith to Valos, these heroic warriors of the skies stand ready to defend her temples at a moment's notice.

Emissary of the Chronofaith

For the followers of the Ageless One, this class allows spellcasters to use time magic to increase their battle potential.

Fist of Vengeance

Vengeance is swift, Vengeance is final, Vengeance is Death.

Focus of Disarray

The Focus of Disarray has offered themselves to Qorzaq as vessel through which he can spread chaos in the mortal world. Plus, they get a free Rod of Wonder!

Gemini Enforcer

These street-tough followers of Dyce use a unique team fighting style to take down their enemies.

Geomancer of Siom

What sets the Geomancers of Siom apart is their strong belief in the divine as a part of the natural world. It is by molding and shaping the natural forces that swirl over their heads that they feel closer to the heavens.

Hand of Sospitas

Any party would benefit from a master healer! The followers of the Hand of Sospitas have become known as the best healers world wide.

Musketeers of Mellek

Wanting to try spellcasting and projectile weapons? Then the Musketeers of Mellek are your choice. Using a unique blend of arcane spellcasting and specially made muskets, these warriors will take on any foe.

Sentry of the Unseen

The Sentry of the Unseen patrols the Ergas Forest, using magic and supernatural stealth to protect the elves of the forest from outsiders and dangerous forest beasts.

Shrine Maiden

A deity calls out to a young girl... At an early age, that girl takes up vows of purity and chastity and dedicates herself to a life of service to her deity. (This is a base class.)


The SOLDIER Elitist is a cut above the other fighters. With the use of limit breaks, he becomes a formidable fighting force.

Warrior of the Blessed Scimitar

The Warriors of the Scimitar take up the task of making sure that freedom is maintained. With divine spells at their side, the Warriors make sure that freedom is won in the name of Diostarma.

Wild Ranger

This class is a compromise between the PHB Ranger and Monte Cook's The Ranger Revisited.

Wretched, The

The Wretched are those whose morbid scientific obsession with illness, pain, and sufffering lead them to make a pact with Trevail, the God of Misery.