Well, today I was sent on my next mission. I was to be sent to the green planet to capture some person. Great, huh? I have to find one single person on an entire freaking planet! Well, at least they gave me a stone to locate this berk. I was telepourted to the backwater planet a mile outside of Nature's Gate. I made my way to the little town and everyone was runnin' around doing this and that. I caught one person and asked him why everyone was half naked. He said something about a fertility contest or festival or something. After a while, some big, dopey guard lumbered up to me and nervously asked me about my sword. Guess berks like these never seen a real sword. Besides, just about every 1st Class SOLDIER has one of these. Well, this guy took me to the barracks and asked me if I had a permit for my sword. I said no. He gulped and wrote a permit up for me. On my way out, this little red head ran up to me. She told me her name was Tasha and she was definitely showing interest in me. But I still had my mission to complete. I wanted to be home before dinner tomorrow. A few minutes later, I noticed my gem was starting to glow. Great! My catch was in the area. I told Tasha I might be back and bolted, letting the stone lead me. It was pointing towards the Live Oak Inn. I walked in and triangulated my query's position. It was a she. And a bard to boot. Easy, easy!. I was planning on being out of this burg by sunrise. At twilight, I went to the store to get rope, but because of this blasted contest, the stores closed early. Plan B. I wandered around town trying to find a long piece of rope. I found a flagpole in a sparsely populated area but some dumb priestess had been tailing me. I confronted her and she left. I got out of there knowing my position had been compromised, and came across some stables. Perfect! Horses are tethered with rope. I took the rope from all of the horses and they looked like they were gonna stay. Back at the inn, I noticed the bard, Marie SilverRose, heading to her room. I peeked my head up the stairwell and saw her close the door to her room, hearing the faint click of the lock. Around one in the morning, I set "operation: bard snatcher" into motion. Simple. Break into her room, render her unconcious, tie her up, haul her back to my planet. Easy as pie. At around one, I snuck up to her room. Outside the neighbouring room, were two very drunk, very unconcious guards. Seeing that the wouldn't wake up anytime soon, I tested the handle. Definitely locked. One more choice. I kicked the door in. I ran across the room and punched Marie before even had a chance to finish waking up. But I underestimated her toughness and didn't knock her out. She lept out of bed, chanted something and the place went black. I found my out of the darkness and ran into a bunch of guards. Great. She had a prince as her weekend neighbour. We talked for a second and then the nasty berk shot me with magic! His guards dogpiled me and held me down till the constable arrived. They took my stuff and hauled me off to jail. It wasn't long before someone came to question me. The sent the same priestess girl that had been following me earlier. Taishou was her name. She appeared to be from the local fertility sect, but by the looks of her, I doubt she could win the contest. She tried to goad me for answers about where I was from, why did I assault a singing idol like Marie, etc etc. I brushed 'em off. I did tell her about my favorite past time, chess, though. She got us a board and I kicked her scrawny butt three ways till next Tuesday. As she was about to leave, I asked her if there was a way to get out of here. I do have a mission to complete. She looked and me and told me that I sounded like a lunatic and was to be cleansed at tomorrow's cleansing ritual.

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