The cleaning ritual wasn't held until noon today, so I sat in my cell all morning. Finally someone came and got me and hauled me to the town square. The priests did their little ceremony and I acted as if I was cured. They must have all had IQs samller than their shoe sizes because they all fell for it! They gave me back all of my stuff except for my Buster Sword and money. They said I could pick the sword up on my way out of town, but apparently my money had all been donated to the church... I wandered around town for a while wondering where the contest was gonna be. I couldn't find it, but I stumbled across a local play that was being held in honour of the contest. They were holding auditions and one role caught my attention. The mercenary. I'd make a great merc! I am one after all!, I thought. The audition wasn't hard. I acted all heroic-like, scared a big dumb guy with a wooden sword, and wowed the audience with my charisma. Needless to say, I got the part. Lex Green, the guy that hit me with magic last night, was there and was trying out for the part of king, and Taishou was there. She was trying for director, although I think she just there to watch me. Oddly enough, Marie wasn't there even though everyone else from last night was. Some of the other people were this funky monk lady with a veil over her face, a sorceress looking person, and a few others. There was also this guy with a 10 foot spear named Sir Phillip. We became really good friends fast. After practice, the cast headed for the Live Oak Inn to get some dinner. On the way there, we were stopped by some blubbering old man who was talking about this guy named Lucas Nightshade...whoever that is. He kept saying how Nightshade was gonna return and kill everyone. Doubtfull. He was obviously crazy. We dropped him off at the temple and got our food. The play was a total success. I was a perfect merc. The crazy monk, though, tried to ruin my performance by trying to catch me for a bounty. Luckily, the director ran up on stage and saved me. After the play, we all attended the dance. I found that Phillip ain't all that good of a dancer. He kept stepping on the poor girl's feet that had asked him to dance. In the middle of the dance, a strange shadow creature appeared with a few civilians and guards in tow. They had been charmed. The creature started making its way towards Lex. I made my way towards the beast, but one of the guards stepped in my way and started attacking me. I was able to beat some sense into the poor guy since all I had to attack him with was my fists. While he stood dazed and confused, I grabbed his sword and rushed for the creature. The creature moaned something along the lines of "Taxil" or something. It ended up charming me and I couldn't help but attack any of the part go-ers. Fortunately, the others killed the beast and I was released from its hold before I could do any real damage to someone. We helped clean up and discussed what had happened. Afterwards, I went back to the inn to rest.

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