It's been one month since the disaster in Nature's Gate and I'm still stuck on this backwater planet. Ever the dutiful merc, I'm still trying to chase Marie down. She headed to a place called Living Valley (I finally broke down and bought a map) with Taishou. In Living Valley, I snuck around and followed Marie to local temple. My plan to get into the temple was simple. I was gonna be a fanboy! I drew a quick picture of Marie and walked up to the temple. The door was opened by a big paladin. I looked him square in the eye and asked him if I could get Marie to autograph my picture. He said no. At this point, the monk lady from the play poked her head out to watch what was going on. I begged the paladin to let me in, but he just closed the door in my face! How rude! I decided to lie in wait outside the temple, so I hid in the bushes. Apparently, they somehow saw me and the paladin came out and chased me off.

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Cloud's Story

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